Social Media Marketing: How to Do it

There are various types of marketing that can help you boost your sales. One of them is using social media influencers to get to promote your products. Using these influencers is a great practice because it helps in building relationships with your consumers. It doesn't matter if the audience belonging to the influencer is large or small, all that matters is that an influencer can reach consumers through their blogs, social networks, and communities, that you might not have been able to do so previously.


Here are some of the components of influencer marketing that you should incorporate in your strategy in order to make it more effective:

# Properly define your brand’s target buyers and then identify the topics that are bound to influence them.

# Choose the influencers who are a good fit for your brand. Determine the content quality, reach, engagement, and alignment of the values with the brand. That way you will be more likely to find people who are actually interested in your products rather than people who will immediately scroll down when they see posts that you have sponsored.

# You should also engage with the influencers that you intend to target via social media or email- basically any channel that you think they will be more responsive on and ask them to be a partner all the while offering compensation to create a beneficial relationship.

# Look at all aspects that tell you how your collaboration has worked out for you and measure the return of investment accordingly.

Once you have identified who works out well for you and who doesn’t, repeat the whole process again and again until you reach to an engagement that you have set as a goal for yourself. A rank checking software might prove to be profitable to you only if you have invested enough time in getting the right social media influencers for yourself.


You might think, “but why do I need a social media influencer when i can easily put in an ad on the internet?” here are some of the reasons why:

# Social media influencers are a part of mid-level influencers. Here, although the following they have is less, they are more loyal audience and have more chances of turning into your consumer than a follower of a “mega influencer” like celebrities would.

# Because influencers also discuss the product that is not exactly paid for, it increases the chances for a person to buy the product than someone would be seeing Cara Delevingne doing an ad campaign for Calvin Klein.

# The purchasing segment right now is the one that has millennials. And millennials basically binge on social media and youtube videos than they spend time doing any other activity. That is why, it only makes sense to pay those influencers that are relevant on those platforms.

Now that the hows and the whys of social media influencer marketing has been covered, it might be time for you spend more time searching for an appropriate social media influencer than depending on link building reviews to get your audience’s engagement up.

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