Blast Furnace Minecraft Recipe

Blast Furnace Minecraft Intro:

Have you ever considered smelting ores in Minecraft? If yes, then you would have used the regular furnace. While smelting with the regular furnaces, you might have thought that it would be fun if smelting could be done a little faster. I am here to tell you that there is a way to smelt the ores or anything in half the time taken by the regular furnaces.

This incredible feat can be achieved by using a blast furnace Minecraft. Yes, blast furnaces are designed for that particular purpose. The downfall of using blast furnaces is that it uses or consumes fuel faster than furnaces. By the way, furnaces can be used to cook the food as well. If you wanna cook the food a little more quickly, use smoker Minecraft instead.

Not only does blast furnace smelting, but it can also give chances to unemployed villagers to get a profession as an armorer. That happens because, in the absence of an armorer in the village, any villager with no profession can fill it. Blast Furnaces have a tendency to be not pushed by the piston. They also emit light of level 13 when working and have a blast resistance of 17.5.

Ingredients needed:

1. 5 Iron Ingots

2. 1 Furnace

3. 3 cobblestone

Blast furnace Minecraft Recipe:

1. Open the crafting menu of 3x3 cells or a grid. Once you do so, you will see a pic similar to the following:

2. Now start filling the crafting menu in this specific pattern. If not followed exactly, you will have discouragement instead of a blast furnace. To begin with, add 3 iron ingots in the first row, add 3 cobblestones in the last row. Now, you are left with 2 iron ingots and 1 furnace. Also, there are 3 cells left i.e., the second row. So, now put the iron ingot in the first cell, then furnace in the second one, and then iron ingot in the third one. Please follow the pattern exactly to reap the benefit of the blast furnace Minecraft.

3. Once you have followed the recipe or pattern exactly, you will find the blast furnace in the right of the 3x3 grid. Move that to the inventory and use it whenever needed.

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