Geometry Dash Apk 2.111 Free Download 2020

Geometry Dash Apk is a rhythmic platformer game developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala. It has a great fan following around the world. Being one of the hardest games ever has attracted praise from critics to the point none other game has achieved. Someone who loves being challenged every day will love it so much that we can't express in words. Let's dive into to know more.

Geometry Dash Apk Development story

Robert Topala, famous as RobTop, developed geometry dash. In its initial days of development, RobTop did not have any plan of making it as a rhythmic platformer. All he knew, at that time, was that it would contain a block that might fly, move around and jump when commanded to do so. As time passed, the game concept evolved extensively. Developing for pc and console was the motto of the developer; however, he later decided to go for android and other mobile platforms. That was the best decision ever taken by RobTop, as it has received accolades from not only critics but followers.

Geometry Dash Apk Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty simple in terms of graphics and resources needed. The game starts with a block continuously moving in the forward direction faced with obstacles on a constant basis. Some obstacles are meant to break your progress and get you to a halt, whereas others just make progress extensively hard by changing the gravity or pace of the game. Well, when it comes to the pace of the gameplay, I would say that it is a fairly fast-paced game that further keep increasing as you progress. Sounds astonishing, isn't it?

With such a high pace, you need to be fairly precise in your timing and reflexes. Just a moment here and there, and you will be crashed and forced to start the game again. You heard it right; the game does not have any sort of level saving mechanism. It sounds cruelty, isn't it? That means if you crash at 99% success, you are gonna start from the start whether you like it or not.

Let's talk about the controls a little. The control is fairly simple as you just need to tap on the screen, for mobile devices, and similar functions for console and pc. But this simplistic nature, along with simple-looking game mechanics, may get crazy in minutes if you are not someone who likes challenges often.

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