The idea of making money on sports betting

The idea of making money on sports betting is an idea that nearly every sports bettor or sports fan has on their mind daily. While the idea looks great on paper and sounds great when said, the reality is that sports betting can be an extremely difficult task to conquer and one that could cost any sports fan a lot of money if not done properly.

Before you get nervous and talk yourself out of betting on sports, let us have a chance to tell you that you can be very successful at betting on sports each day if you take the time to learn how to make a winning sports bet.

Now that said, before we get to how to make a winning sports bet and what you have to do to be successful betting on sports, you must realize that the process of sports betting is not a get rich scheme or a chance to make money fast.

Sports betting can be very lucrative but you must take the time to learn the industry, learn what to look for before placing your bet, and learn the betting side of the business. Luckily for you, we have some advice on how to make a winning sports bet and what you need to know to place your next sports pick.

Focus on the Money Line

One key step in making a winning sports bet is sticking to the easiest betting method and possibly the simplest the basic sports bet. If you are new a money line bet is a bet on the outcome of a matchup that doesn’t take into any type of adjusted points.

For example, if you are looking to place a bet on the Los Angeles Lakers (-150) against the San Antonio Spurs ( 200). All you would need is the Lakers to win this matchup outright for you to win the bet. While many expert sports bettors look past the money line, in reality for others it’s the easiest and simplest way to win money betting on sports.

Learn to Fade the Public

Another key aspect of winning at betting on sports is to learn how to place bets on fading what the public is betting on. What this means is that because both online and in-person sportsbooks have a good idea what the public is going to bet on in nearly every matchup on every day, they adjust both the point spreads and point totals for each of these matchups.

That being said, it can make it very difficult to go with the popular pick as it may require your team to score more points to cover the spread or the total points. One particular part of fading the public is waiting for the line to move as long as possible to get the best odds possible. This could be due to a large amount of money coming in on one side or a key injury that may cause the point spread to increase/decrease.

Don’t bet with your Heart

When placing a sports bet never ever decide on a sports pick by using your heart to make the decision. What we mean by this is you grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan or you live in the New England market and like to bet on the local teams. Do not ever make your sports pick based on this sole reason.

In addition, if you lose a bet don’t let your heart push you back into another bet to fast or just so you have a chance to break even or even win money.

Look at the Trends/Statistics

The most important aspect of winning a sports bet is taking the time to research the trends for each matchup as well as the statistics leading into this matchup.

For example, you are looking at the matchup between the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels. At first sight, the Yankees might look like the easy play in this matchup but when you look at the trends, they enter this matchup in Los Angeles losing six of their last seven on the road, eight of their last nine on the west coast and have struggled against lefties winning just one of their last ten against left-handed pitchers.

These trends and statistics will help you to focus on the Angels in this matchup. Other statistics and trends you could focus on could be a team’s run defense against a team that focuses on the run.

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