Website Development Company NYC: Ways To Increase Conversion Rates

Are you trying to grow your business on the web? It’s the right decision that you have to make now. At present, we’re bombarded by issues associated with COVID. Most brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe are shutting down as they can no longer operate due to lockdowns and strict pandemic-related measures. So, the endpoint is for them to engage in web-based business strategies. How about you? Don’t be left behind. You need to make sure that you can be one of the successful brands online soon.

Today, you’re on the right page as this blog post will teach you how to increase the conversion rates of your website. Well, the first requirement here is for you to have a website. Or, if you already have one, you can consult a Website Development Company NYC to redesign and repolish your website design and features. It’s really important as far as achieving dramatic growth and success is concerned. You have to do everything so that you can have such a competitive advantage on the web.

Let’s dissect first the essence of conversion rates!

What is the conversion rate? A great question. Conversion rate refers to the circumstance when a site visitor decides to buy your offer. Meaning, it’s a sale. It happens when a person becomes your customer which is an expected output right after having a product page placed on your site. It’s definitely a very important factor that gauges the success rate of your business endeavor. With the numbers attached to conversion rates, you can measure how successful your business is.

But there are some aspects of conversion rate you need to know. It includes but is not limited to forms to fill up, shared social media content, newsletter subscription, and sales production through CTA clicks. These elements should be known as they are contributory to your success. They are the main gauging point whether your business is successful or not in the long run. To make sure that you can enjoy higher conversions, you need the help of one of the Web Designers NYC.

How to increase conversions?

The steps are given and explained below.

1. Create a marketing sales funnel

This is actually a predesigned marketing scheme that attracts more potential customers to visit the CTA-based pages of your site. A sales funnel is a diagrammatic strategy that intertwines different web pages to make your website appealing and enticing. There can be relevant pages that are interlinked. Browsing the connected web pages is the aim of this funnel. The main goal is for the customer to finally go to the purchase detail page and to click on the “purchase button.” This is how a sales funnel may look like.

So, you have to boost brand awareness for this marketing scheme to become fruitful. Inform people about the existence of your brand by providing important information on different web pages. Having a blog page that is shareable and engaging in the different online platforms, including social media is very important. By doing this, you will be able to boost the sales funnel performance.

2. Analyze audience behavior

This is another important strategy as far as achieving success is concerned. You need to analyze the behavior of your target customers. By doing so, you can make some adjustments along the way. You should trace how your customers behave through the pages of your site. There are available tools on the web which you can use for this purpose. Knowing how your customers are behaving on your site is essential because it serves as a precursor to how the website development company NYC can enhance conversion rates.

User experience (UX) is a vital factor for success. It’s about the impression of your potential customers to the site. The level of UX must be high. That is why it is advised that you will also have to work with a UX expert to determine a working and suitable user experience model for your business. The design of the website must be focused on this particular aspect. It’s a sub-factor to be utilized in analyzing the audience’s behavior.

3. Simplified and friendly navigation works

A friendly site navigation is really important. Related to user experience, loading every web page must not take longer than 5 seconds. Why? Beyond this suggested timeframe can actually jeopardize the intent of your brand. You want people to be hooked with your brand relevance and importance, right? However, if the web pages are lagging, they will tend to leave your site. They are going to look for a new one with similar offers as yours, but with more efficient and faster web page loading.

So, the best way that a website development company NYC can do for you is to make sure that the navigation works favorably. By this way, you are giving value to your visitors. You can then expect more conversion rates to come along your way. It’s truly essential. Your business success depends on this factor. Hence, make sure that you can have plugins and tools to make your web page loading very fast and efficient.

4. Include CTAs because they’re helpful

Some of your web pages must contain call-to-action elements. Usually, they’re in the form of texts, like “Click here for more info!” or “Purchase now!”. By including call-to-action texts, you are actually igniting more customers to open your listing page and thereby buy your products. But did you know that it’s not easy to include this technique in your website design? There are secrets on how to make your CTAs working and effective. Follow those steps and you can then enjoy the benefits of this must-do technique.

According to some digital marketing experts, CTAs are a powerful audience catcher. If your conversion rates are struggling, then you may lack this strategy. So, it is a must if you include this in your entire process. The design of your website should be aligned based on this mandated rule. And if you have CTAs but still your conversion rate is too low, then kindly ask the hired website development company to revisit the click-to-action elements on your site. Revisiting them is helpful and if possible, instructs the web company to do some enhancements and modifications. Maybe, the CTAs are not created and placed correctly.


To sum up, you just need 4 simple ways to make sure that your website conversion rates can go higher. You need to create a sales funnel, analyze the behavior of your potential customers, design a user-friendly navigation, and include CTAs in your web pages. By following these given strategies, you’re one step away from hitting massive growth and success.

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