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Top 10 SEO Methods to Use in Your Online Business

In this age of cutthroat competition, all the companies are working hard to make an impact on the people at large. In this age of tremendous technical advancement, a large number of business companies are seen to be using the internet as a mode of advertisement. In a world, where people are largely driven by the internet, websites are a good way to make your business firm reach out to a large number of people at a time.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the process of increasing the visibility of your business firm online. This is a method which doesn’t require any monetary investment. The whole idea of Search Engine Optimization revolves around the concept of making your business website prominent in the search engine results. When a user types a particular set of keywords, search engine result pages or SERPs appear to him. The websites are ranked according to the algorithm of the search engine. The higher is the rank of your website on the SERPs, larger the number of traffic is directed to it. You never know when a passive visitor becomes an active customer!

Search Engine Optimization includes a number of factors. The term is widely multidimensional which involves both on-page as well as off-page SEO. While on-page SEO refers to the actions and the steps which an individual takes on his own website to bring about a boost, off-page SEO is the term which refers to the actions and relationships made by an individual outside the website in order to fuel the SEO.

The trends of SEO can, however, change according to the change in algorithms which depend on the needs of the users. In a nutshell, the purpose of SEO is not only limited to building a website which will secure a high rank in the SERPs but also build a website which will suit the requirements of the users in the best possible way and not run out of trend anytime soon.

The Best SEO Strategies

SEO is a technique which has been embraced by the website owners all across the globe. If you want to obtain a high ranking in the SERPs, here are some of the SEO strategies which you can employ:

1. Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly: This is one of the key features which will determine the worth of your website as a good or bad website. If you want to experience noteworthy SEO outcomes, make sure that the website of your company is mobile-friendly. According to the updated algorithm of Google in the year 2016, the provision of mobile-first indexing became a key feature in determining the SEO ranking of a website. Most of the people prefer accessing a website through their cellular devices. Hence, websites should be designed in a way that they are mobile friendly.

2. Maximize Your Presence On Social Media: Social media marketing is an extremely convenient and economical method of making your presence known to the public at large. Social Media marketing can give a considerable boost to your ranking and hence, is an effective SEO technique. Studies show that the number of people using social media has been increasing ever since. Listing your business firm on social media helps to promote brand awareness. Ease of interaction with the target audience is another important factor this makes Social media marketing an important and effective SEO strategy.

3. Pay Attention To The Local SEO Optimization: This is another modern SEO strategy which has worked effectively. In the modern times, the people are always looking for the products and services which are close to their geographical location. Thus, it can be said that the “near me” searches have increased considerably. The main objective of this strategy is to find a business. Including contact details and the directions on the business, the website makes it easy for the customers to get in touch with the company. In the case of companies, which carry their business online, are completely online, the business owners should optimize the website to enable the ease of local searches.

4. Improve The Experience For Your Users: If you want more and more people to use your website, you have to make sure that your website is easy to use. When the people visiting your website are satisfied with the quality of service that they are enjoying, they tend to spend more time navigating the website. This, in turn, helps to improve the ranking of your website in SERPs. The amount of time spent by a visitor on your website is calculated by Google. Also, make sure that your website has content which is relevant as well as of high-quality.

5. YouTube SEO: YouTube, which we popularly use for streaming videos, is considered to be the second most popular search engine, ranking second to Google. When you enter a specific set of keywords, you will come across a YouTube video, which is related to the topic, appearing on the search results. Lots of people rely on YouTube searches every month. Therefore, YouTube SEO can help you acquire a top rank in the search engine results. It can also help to improve the traffic by enhancing the number of views. Make sure that the videos that you are uploading on YouTube are SEO friendly.

6. Building Of Link: This is one of the most modern and latest SEO strategies which has been taking the market by a rage. Dear h engines take backlinks into consideration and consider them as a factor which can determine the ranking of a website. If your website has a number of quality backlinks, it is sure to have a higher rank. However, you need to make sure that there aren't any toxic backlinks associated with your company websites because toxic or faulty backlinks can get you penalized. Source your backlinks from sources which are authentic.

7. Pay Attention To Metadata: This is an important aspect of SEO. Metadata includes title tags and Meta descriptions. All the contents that you publish on your website should contain metadata. These Meta descriptions should be unique and should describe what a page is about. Title tags have to be captivating and should contain informative keywords. However, make sure that you do not duplicate Metadata because if duplicated, your website will not get recognized easily. Both Meta description and title tags should be unique for every page.

8. Adopt the Use of SEO Tools Available in the Market: If you later emphasis on digital marketing and believe that it can fetch you desirable results, you know how important SEO is. A large number of SEO tools are available in the market which will help you have a good understanding of the performance of your website. With the help of these tools, you can also analyze your errors and fix them. Different SEO tools have different kinds of functions which help to boost the SEO ranking of the website. SEO tools are also an efficient way to manage the website. Depending on their features, SEO tools are either paid or unpaid.

9. Incorporate The Use Of LSI Keywords: LSI keywords, also called Long Semantic Indexing keywords, are the keywords which help the search engines to determine what your content is about and how relevant it is. For instance, if you write about Digital Marketing, you have to incorporate the use of such words which will help Google to identify that your content is about Digital Marketing.

10. Make Sure That Your Contents Are Wordy: The contents of your website should contain at least 1800 words. Websites which have larger word count are more likely to acquire a higher rank on the search engines as compared to those whose word count is slightly on the lower side. Google usually prefers long contents because websites offering long and wordy contents are believed to provide a piece of in-depth information on a certain topic. Also, contents with larger word count are more engaging.


A business owner can achieve success in SEO only if he implements the correct strategies. There are a number of tools available in the market which will help you to determine the progress and the performance of your website. You can track the number of people visiting your website on a regular basis and also compare it with the previous inflow of traffic. If you want to see a considerable boost in your business website, you can try out the above-mentioned SEO strategies. These tactics will help you to boost your SEO ranking in absolutely no time

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