3 ways to download Twitch clips

This is a quick guide that will cover three different ways you can download Twitch clips and save them to your computer or phone. I can already hear you asking, "Why would I want to download clips, if they are always available on Twitch to watch at any time".

There are many reasons! The following are only some of the reasons someone would want to download them:

- You want to make a backup of the clip in case the streamer or Twitch ever deletes it.

- You want to save the clips so you can view them offline, perhaps to watch on a long trip where you will not have internet access.

- You want to download the clips as video files so you can use them to create Twitch clip compilation videos. These sorts of videos are popular on YouTube.

- You want to download the clips as video files so you can edit them for your own personal use.

... and more! As you can see, there are many reasons why someone would want to download clips. Let's dive into the three different ways that you will be able to download twitch clips.

Method 1: Using a downloader website

The first way we will cover how to download clips is also the easiest and most convenient way! Clipsey is a twitch clip downloader that works extremely well and is very fast. It is the best downloader website (as well as the one with the nicest design) we found in our searc h compared to the other ones out there.

Clipsey is so easy to use, even a monkey can use it! It only takes two steps to get your download link:

1.Copy and paste the link of the clip from Twitch to It will be in one of either two formats, such as http://"" or "".

2.Click on the "Download Clip" button. Wait a second and it will give you the download link!

It really is that simple! Insert your PogChamp and POGGERS here!

Method 2: Using your browser's developer console

The second way we are covering is a bit more complicated as it is more technical. You'll need to dive into the code of the Twitch clip page to find the clips' video URL in the source code. Sounds scary, right? It actually isn't that bad!

I'm going to outline the steps below and also link you to a video that shows you how you can do this. In the steps below, I'm going to assume you are using the Google Chrome browser. If you are not, and you are using another browser, the steps will be similar, but it won't be exactly the same.

1. While you are on the Twitch clip page, open the developer console. To open the developer console, open the Chrome Menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser window and select More Tools > Developer Tools. You can also use the shortcut Option ⌘ J (on macOS), or Shift CTRL J (on Windows/Linux).

2. In the developer console window that appears, go to the "Elements" tab. It is close to the top left of the window.

3. Click the box with an arrow icon, near the top left of the window. This is the element selector tool.

4. Hover over the clip's video player. It should have a light blue overlay. Click on it.

5. You will now see the "Elements" window fill up with code. You should see a line of code that starts with "

6. Open a new tab and paste that vide URL link you just copied. You will now see the clip playing. Right click on the clip and select "Save Video As..." to save it on your computer.

A bit more complicated of a process, but not impossible! If you are having trouble finding the clip's video URL, feel free to watch this video as it covers how to do the steps above:

Method 3: Using a Chrome extension

The third way we are covering is another easy way to download Twitch clips. There are a lot of Chrome extensions that will help you to do this. They all work a little differently, but most are very straight-forward to use.

Using Chrome extensions is not the best way to download clips, because from reading the reviews, it seems like a lot of them are out of date and no longer working. But some look to still be working and are updated regularly. Here is a link to a bunch of clip downloader extensions I found on the Google Chrome Web Store:

And there you have it! Three different ways on how you can download twitch clips to use to your hearts desire. I hope that this article has helped you out!

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