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Trust me, we all are naïve when it comes to finding the best forex trader. It will only be a miracle when we happen to land on the best platform. There goes a lot of research and consultancy when one is searching for a reliable trading platform. Even though online trading feels very easy, its dynamics are far more complex than traditional trading.

Today the most common and popular exness broker is offering several opportunities, but at the same time, it demands the investor to do some homework. It does not mean that one needs to be on alert all the time, but it does require one to consider a few things before registering.

You never know if the famous Exness broker is the best for you unless you look at the Exness review. Reviews can either make or break your (perspective about anything. It is imperative to listen to experts before making a decision, and that is why we have given a detailed account about Exness so that you may gauge if it is the perfect broker platform for you or not.

Before we start, let us discuss what do you call a reliable broker? Several factors should be considered when deciding if a broker company is best for you or not. You must consider the following things first.

Trustworthiness; it should be regulated by some reliable authorities.

The trading volume.

The trading costs, how much commission, spillages, and spreads are there.

The fundamental customer services.

The trading conditions.

What is Exness?

The name of the company is not very self-explanatory, so one might get confused. Exness is a European-based broker company providing a platform for people from all across the globe to participate in online trading.

It has two main offices located in Seychelles. Mind you it is not a new company, as it was founded more than a decade ago in 2008. Till now, the company has grown so much and has modified a lot of its policy. If you have heard about Exness before, and wonder it to be the old company, then you need to visit their site or read this review too.

Why choose Exness?

Even though the Exness broker is here for the last 12 years, still many people believe that investing through Exness is safe and fair play. If you conduct a survey, you will get the following responses: these are the features people love about Exness.


Their instant payment system.

Good quotes.

Low spread.

Minimum commission.

You might not believe it, but Exness is known for the compensation is made. There have been several financial crises in these 12 years, but most of the time, when currency gaps and spillages caused issues, Exness was there to rescue the investors. Who does not know about the CHF event that occurred in January 2015. Exness compensated almost 15 million dollars.

Another reason why many people trust Exness is the financial strength of the broker. According to several investors, they have different segregated accounts. In total, it is almost 200 million dollars, which is four times the total amount invested by the investors, so it is easier to compensate.

Lowest Commission and Spreads

Trust me or not, but Exness does not ask for any commission. There are no hidden fees or charges too. The only money you will be paying will be spread. There are different types of accounts on Exness, and for the three popular accounts that most people use, the commission is zero. These are the following accounts.

Standard account.

Standard cent account.

Pro account.

As far as the spreads are concerned, it is also the lowest as compared to other competitors. It has almost 0.5 to 0.8 pips spread in normal circumstances, and for the pro account, you can even trade at 0.1 pip. Isn't it amazing? Not only this, it offers the lowest spread rate for the cryptocurrency too. It will ultimately increase people's trust in Exness.

Different Account Types

Unlike the traditional brokers, Exness offers you four different types of accounts. One can choose the one he likes, and that suits his requirement. Let us see each one of them one by one.

Standard Cent Accounts for Beginners.

As newcomers might not know much about forex trading, therefore, a simple account with user friendly policies will be better for them.

The exness standard cent account comes with the following features.

Lowest spread is 0.3 pips.

No limit for minimum deposit, you can deposit as much as you want to start trading.

Exceptional local support.

Low margin requirement.

Exness standard and pro account

The Exness standard and pro account are for the professionals. It offers the following features.

Low spread, 0.1 for pro, and 0.3 for standard.

Free swap for Islamic countries.

Unlimited leverage.

24/7 support.

Instant deposit and withdrawal.

Expert account

Experts wish for the ECN trading; the zero account for them. it has the following features.

Spreads from 0 pips.

Quotes from 3 renowned banks.

Quotes from one ECN broker.

Lowest commission.

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