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5 free printables to plan the course (and your life)

Once again I want to share with you 5 great free printables to plan the school year, your month, your obligations, and your day today, so that you do not miss anything.

Time passes so fast and it seems like yesterday that I shared the other printables list with you!

I am one of those people who love to make lists and have organizers for everything: for the week, for the purchase, for the month, for the year, for what I need on the blog,… and much more. 😉This helps me to take better advantage of time and work more efficiently and concentrated.

Despite the fact that this year I started working with Trello, which is a website where you can create lists of all kinds, I continue to print the organizers that I always have at hand on the table or hung on the cork.

I hope that the compilation that I have made you like as much as I do and that you can make the most of it.

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Weekly menu organizer and shopping list

This is one of the most practical things out there. If you organize yourself well at home, one day a week you can make the week's menus and the shopping list. So when you go to the supermarket or the market you will only buy what you need for the week and no more things than planned.

I've created these colorful menus and shopping lists for you to print and use each week to get organized.

weekly menu organizer

You will find them in 4 languages (Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician) and also in black and white, in case you don't want to print them in color.

These planners are ideal for:

save time because in the supermarket or in the market you will not have to think about what to buy.

save time because every day it is clear what you should cook and it is not necessary to think and discuss what each one prefers.

The children will be clear about what there is to eat each day of the week (you can hang it in the kitchen).

saving food.

Since we do it at home we save a lot of time and discussions. 😉

You just have to print it as many times as you want and hang it every week in the kitchen, so that everyone knows what there is to eat and so that whoever is going to do the shopping knows what to buy.

2 Weekly planner, so you don't forget anything

In each of the weeks of our life so many things happen that if you do not write them down, you will surely forget something.

May from Creative Mindly you have some simple and elegant weekly planners, which are also editable pdfs. That is to say that once downloaded, you open it and you can write on top of it. Nice, huh?

This will allow you to put in the numbers for each day or write the lists of what you have to do. You can choose if you do it on the computer directly every week and then print it or on the contrary, you print them and then personalize them by hand. This is going to taste.

In addition, the blank boxes of each planner are ideal for writing lists or ideas of what you have to do in general, during this week.

3 The most beautiful and colorful weekly organizer

Raquel from Art Creatiu brings you this fun and beautiful planner for your week, which is also done with great taste and is very colorful, just as I like them.

You see that to taste the colors, you can choose the one that makes you fall in love with all of them.

It is also very practical to have a space for your lists on the right and left of the week.

And to finish completing it, Raquel has done them in Catalan, Spanish and English, so that each one can print the one that suits them best.

art creative planner

weekly organizer

4. Daily planner for maximum organization

The great Carmen from Milowcostblog brings us this daily organizer so that you do not miss anything and have everything under control.

In it you can write down everything:

the objectives of the day

the list of tasks you have to do

your whims for today

your appointments

the best of the day

the menu you have planned

The glasses of water you have drunk !!

This girl has thought of everything!

daily organizer

day organizer

5. Action plan for a perfect day

With the simple title of the planner that Natalia de Dulces e illusions have created, you already know that it will be a most productive day 🙂

In it you can plan a lot of daily actions:

mark the day of the week (it may seem silly to you, but sometimes we don't know what day we live on).

List of things to do.

write down the physical exercise you have done.

the appointments you have.

what you are going to eat during the day.


habits you want to achieve.

Drunk glasses of water!

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