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Tips for preventing spam attacks

The word spam is used for an electronic messaging system which sends unwanted messages in a huge quantity. The main purpose of spam is an advertisement. But hackers or cybercriminals can use spam for spreading malware and phishing attacks. Spam messages are bothersome and cause you headaches. Spam messages fill you whole inbox which makes your email cluttered. You get hundreds of spam messages every day which make difficult to find the legitimate email. For finding just one mail you have to scroll a lot which is time-consuming and annoying. These spam messages can also get dangerous sometimes. If you want to keep your account safe and sound then you have to take some security measures which can help to prevent spam attacks.

Report spam messages

Whenever we get any spam message; we quickly delete it. Deleting the spam messages will not solve the problem. The best way to stop those messages is by reporting them as spam. When you report the message as spam; your email client (say Gmail) will identify it as spam and filter it out.

• For Gmail, click on the "Report Spam" button

• For Outlook, click on "Mark as junk" button

• For Mail for Mac, click on "Move to Junk" button

By this method, you will not receive emails from that email address.

Never use your primary email address everywhere

You need your email address for filling out almost every form whether you are filling out any form or signing up in an account. You have to understand that your email address is like your SSN. People can identify you from your email which means any kind of exploitation with your email account can be very dangerous. Not filling forms or not signing up is something we really can't do. The best way to keep your email secure from any kind of fraud is by using a secondary email for filling forms and sign-ups which are not reliable such as SNSs, games, etc. By this practice, you can keep your primary mail from various spam messages which you may get from SNSs and games. Never use your primary email address which is connected to your bank account at any unreliable place.

Never click on any suspicious email

Spammers and hackers send various malicious emails. If you see the email; it will look authenticated but the moment you click on it you will fall in a trap. Before opening an email; check the email address very carefully. If you find it suspicious then quickly delete it or report it as spam. If you receive an email from an unknown person and you don't know whether it is safe or not then you should use a spam filter. You email client also provides a spam filter but if you want to get better protection then you should use spam filter of antivirus. www McAfee Activate provides excellent spam filter which checks the email and blocks all spam messages.

McAfee Activation provides various other features such as firewall, pop-up blocking, etc which can help to keep your email safe from spam messages. Your few security measures can protect you from various threats.

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