Best Spotify Promotion Services For the Independent Artist

The top 10 services for Spotify submissions are shown below:

1. One Submit

2. Playlistpump

3. MySphera

4. Indiemono

5. TuneMunk

6. MusicVertising

7. Soave Records

8. Playlist push

9. Independent Music Promotions

10. Cyber PR

Spotify is the biggest and most popular music streaming platform in the world.

It has more then 345 million active users each month worldwide and it offers a database of more than 70 million tracks in a variety of music genres and has more than 155 million paid customers.

When compared to its rivals, how big is Spotify?

More than 85 million people use Apple Music, while only a few million people each use Tidal and Deezer.

Thanks to Spotify, the music business has transformed, and nowadays, musicians may prosper and advance their careers without being signed to major companies.

It is crucial to manage your profile on the platform as an artist in order to manage your music, track your statistics, understand where your new fans are coming from, and make decisions about your musical career in the future. If you are an independent artist releasing new music, you cannot afford NOT to be on Spotify.

Playlists placements are powerful tools.

Spotify's playlist placement has revolutionized the way that music is often promoted, giving independent artists a way to spread the word about their music, connect with playlist curators, and develop as artists while remaining independent. This is a significant game changer for the music business because independent musicians couldn't access it ten years ago.

By the way, curators of Spotify playlists can develop a career by maintaining playlists, getting followers, and earning money by organizing their musical assets, but that is the subject of another post.

It's necessary to understand what kinds of playlists are available, which services are legitimate, and which are not before we reveal our list of the top Spotify marketing services.

There are three different categories for Spotify playlists:

User-made, algorithmic, and Editorial.

Playlists created by users

These are custom playlists made by Spotify’s users.

Every user has the option to make their own playlists, either public or private, and they are free to do so.

Most users are music lovers who arrange their playlists according to a specific music genre or theme for fun. Some Spotify users create playlists for more professional reasons, such as playlists for bars, lounges, charts, workouts, different businesses, etc.

When your music is featured on one of these playlists, it will receive extra exposure because of how well-liked it is.

Since these playlists have become so popular with independent artists,

There is a whole marketplace of Spotify playlisters and curators.

While some of these playlists were created using actual, active followers, others were done using phony or automated followers.

Algorithmic Playlists

Every time you enjoy a song, play it frequently, follow an artist, or save a song, the Spotify algorithm keeps track of it. Using the information gathered, Spotify creates a personalized playlist depending on the listener's musical interests. Typically, Spotify's algorithm starts to add a song to its algorithmic playlists after an artist receives a lot of streams and likes for a new song. For the artist who is successful in getting his music on algorithmic playlists, this may be excellent news.

There are three different categories of algorithmic playlists: Release Radar, Daily Mix, and Discover Weekly.

Editorial Playlists

Editorial playlists are those that the Spotify editorial staff puts together. The most popular Spotify playlists are those that have the most followers. They are the top results when you search for a playlist since Spotify put the most well-liked playlists there. Because of this, people tend to favor certain playlists. Most of the songs on these playlists are hit singles, popular songs by well-known artists including Billie Eilish, U2, Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Tove Lo, or Bruno Mars. Find out more about how to subscribe to Spotify's editorial playlists.

The majority of available venues for playlist advertising promote Spotify for user-made playlists. There may be some services that allow you to submit playlists to algorithmic playlists, but you should avoid them because they are frequently scams.

You can add music to the Spotify editorial playlist through the artist dashboard on your Spotify profile, but at the moment, you can only add your unreleased music. For further details, search for it on Google. Read more on how to get on Spotify playlists.

Which services must you severely avoid?

Any service that promises you playlist submissions, streams, or followers should always be avoided at all costs.

Utilizing these bot-based services may result in Spotify deactivating your account.

Consider it like this: If songs were added to a playlist based solely on client payments and not on the merits of the music, it is highly likely that the playlist would be awful and no one would want to listen to it. Therefore, as a general rule, avoid selecting a music marketing agency that offers a cash guarantee for playlist submission.

This article is about the top legit music marketing services that offer artists with new music a way to create a playlist promotion campaign.

Here are the top 10 services for Spotify promotion

One Submit

With the possibility to submit music to large playlists with more than 50,000 followers,

One Submit is a Spotify marketing tool that assists artists in making playlist submissions quickly and easily.

The website is a complete music promotion solution and allows users to submit music to Spotify playlists as well as promote their music to TikTok influencers, blogs, radio stations, labels, YouTube music channels, and radio stations.

Only independent curators will see your music, and you will receive a written critique of each song entry. He or she will include your music on their playlist if they enjoy it. The platform supports a variety of musical styles, including dance, electronic, hip-hop, pop, rock, and more.

Spotify promotion is the platform's forte, but music blogs and TikTok music promotion are also great options.


Playlistpump is an unaffiliated playlist marketing and PR company with the resources to make you known. Thanks to our enormous partners, access to millions of followers across Spotify playlists, Apple Music playlists, TikTok playlists, and a very wide independent playlist network, they connect the dots for our artists and curators to optimize visibility and streaming statistics.


MySphera is an unaffiliated marketing and PR company that has the resources to make you known. Thanks to our enormous partners, access to millions of followers across Spotify playlists, Apple Music playlists, TikTok playlists, and a very wide independent playlist network, they connect the dots for our artists and curators to optimize visibility and streaming statistics.

They provide a range of campaign plans, ranging from $20 to $135.


You can submit your new release to a variety of Spotify playlists, including those for various moods and events as well as playlists that are grouped by genre, using a platform for marketing music called Tune Munk. They offer both free and paid submission alternatives for independent artists.


On the well-known Spotify playlist submission website known as Indiemono, you may find a variety of genre-specific playlists, such as pop, rock, indie, and electronic music playlists. They accept entries from independent artists and provide a simple submission form on their website.


An organization called MusicVertising provides several services for artists that want to promote their songs. Using MusicVertising's playlist submission services, independent musicians can submit their playlists for free or a fee. They work with a different kind of playlist curators and provide playlists that are specific to different genres of music, including hip-hop, rock, and electronic music. MusicVertising also can help you with social media marketing and PR releases as promotional services.

Soave Records

Since a few years ago, Soave Records has existed. It has a sizable number of followers and listeners and a wide variety of playlists. They provide a place where upcoming musicians can upload a demo in the hopes of being featured on one of their playlists. They don't take direct playlist submissions, however you can send your song to their label. Only unreleased songs are accepted by the service.

Cyber PR

A press company to market your music is called Cyber PR.

In addition to counseling musicians through the contemporary music industry and managing social media posting and growth plans, they also provide Spotify promotion and music marketing. They also create long-term marketing programs called Total Tuneups, assist with the musician's bio, websites, and other things. They don't offer self-service like the majority of the services we've included here, but they do have a quaint, old-fashioned feel.

Playlist push

TikTok and Spotify campaigns are available via Playlistpush; they function similarly to One Submit. Campaigns start at $300, and rates range from $11 per submission, although keep in mind that they fluctuate frequently.

Since 2017, the service has allowed Spotify curators to submit playlists.

Final words:

When using these legitimate services, the curators may occasionally reject your song.

Remember that you will receive a review from the curator for the majority of the services we've listed in the post. If you are willing to take the curator's advice and take it into consideration, this might be very helpful input for your subsequent song development. We understand that this could be discouraging and irritating.

This guide should help you select the best service to send your music to independent playlist curators. It's vital to note that if you have an unreleased track, you must get it on the various streaming services before submitting it to Spotify curators and other music marketing websites. Make sure your music is being included to playlists that are related to your genre and that your release date isn't too old.

Good Luck With Your Music!

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