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Why Pay for UK Company Data

Data is an expensive commodity in the 21st century. While there are already billions of blogs and websites running, there is still high demand for content in diverse fields. Whether you want data for fun, statistics for professional use or quench your research, there is loads of information online. However, it is still not satisfying.

Recently UK authorities implemented policies to protect individual data from use by companies. In fact, it is illegal for a company to retrieve and use data for business purposes without direct consent of the internet user. If you are regularly on the internet, your identity is likely to be captured but this is no a longer a worry. The fact that you are online on research means you are seeking information, you are also after data.

Paying for data

UK has strict rules on data privacy. Also, the type of data you need to access determines clearance levels. This is common even within companies; your boss has access to more details of revenue and company strategies than you.

Is it necessary to restrict access?

Of course, the primary reason for restricting access to various kinds of data is for protection of individual rights. Privacy is not only key to individual life but also crucial to business. Strategies and timely moves in business can only be effective if competitors are not aware; this is the main goal of limiting access to company data. Company data entails more than business strategies, it includes financial information and secrets to establishment of the company and how a certain structure works to the company’s advantage. Such information should be protected from malicious parties.

Nevertheless, the digital era compromises on security features. Every kind of information is available online; hiding it form employees or public may not make sense, especially if you are running an e-commerce website.

One of the risks to e-commerce is security. Company information can easily be accessed by unauthorized parties. Malicious parties can penetrate systems and use the data to their advantage. Most of company downfalls I the 21st century is based on data in the wrong hands. It can be fabricating data, upfront confrontation to taint public image with goal of decreasing market rating or downplay with regards to product or service interference. Either way, the leakage of company data will lead to losses for the business.

Investing in e-commerce is inevitable in the 21st century but it also exposes your company to huge losses. Data is sensitive and that is why it sells.

Free web resources

The internet offers free platform for sharing all forms of content. While search engines and regulatory bodies strive to regulate inappropriate content and sensitive information from getting to wrong hands, nothing misses online. Also, once data is uploaded online it spreads in seconds. By the time a regulatory body notices the type of data and marks it as inappropriate before pulling it down, it will be already in wrong hands.

However, the free and wide availability of data brings in the issue of legitimacy and reliability. How are you sure the data you are accessing is from a credible source? Source of company data is crucial, this is why some reputable and large companies providing data services charge for data depending on type and size.

Paying for data in the 21st century with all the information in every website may not make much sense until you land on fake data. If you are using the data for critical business decisions, you are at risk of collapse. Fake data can also be embarrassing and time wastage. Website development is fast an easy process today; in fact, it is free and you can do it on your own then have liberty to post any kind of content. There is no mechanism to gauge credibility of data on a website, users using data from websites take full responsibility.

Why you should go for large providers

Evidently, credibility is a major issue in the data industry. Any discrepancy no matter how small can lead to enormous effects. Although you have free access to any type of data you think of, it is important to check on credibility of source before reusing the data. Reliability is a crucial aspect in business. Even if you are using the data for personal use or curiosity, what you feed your mind with determines your perception of the world, actions, and ultimately behavior.

Data rates differ from one company to another. The general assumption is the more it costs the safer you are with the data. It is true to some extent. The only reason for a company to charge high for same data available free on other websites is because of credibility. It must be from a primary and reliable source. Besides, the cost variance is never that huge.

Paying for data is not weird; you should consider legitimacy and reliability of data and the cost will be worth it. The large companies are not expensive in the end when you consider risks of illegal or fake data that will cost you reputation, time, and money.

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