What is HGH(Human Growth Hormone)?

HGH(Human Growth Hormone)( is one of the most popular drug which is often used among the bodybuilders. This drug doesn't harm the health and influence only positively on the human body.

What Is HGH?

Nowadays, HGH is used very often in bodybuilding, despite the fact that this drug was banned by the Olympic Committee in 1989. Usually, Somatropin is used in bodybuilding for the muscle growth and reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat. By the way, growth hormone is used to reduce the risk of trauma because it has the ability to strengthen bone and connective tissue. Moreover, growth hormone is almost not used in other sports, since its administration is not appropriate. Despite the fact that this drug increases the muscle mass, it has not the influence on strength indicators. The strength indicators doesn't increase, then the use of HGH in other types of sport have no sense. Also, other research show that the use of growth hormone doesn't lead to the increase of stamina and productivity. The use of Somatropin have the sense only in bodybuilding.

HGH Benefits

Somatropin( is taken in bodybuilding for the improving the body shape. Moreover, this medicine has the clear benefits such as high efficiency, low risk of side effects, absence of influence on sexual function, and does not require PCT(post cycle therapy). The main disadvantage of HGH is high price of the drug and a significant risk of buying a fake. You should be very attentive.

HGH Effects

Growth hormone is the peptide hormone of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland which is used by athletes to increase muscle mass and giving the body relief. Below there are the main effects which gives this drug:

• Stimulation of muscle growth

• Reduction of metabolism

• Decrease of the percentage of subcutaneous fat

• Acceleration of general recovery of injuries

• Rejuvenation

• Stimulation of repeated growth of internal organs which have atrophied with the age

• Strengthening bones and stimulating their growth in young athletes

• Improving of the immune system

• Increased blood glucose levels

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