Agnieszka Podemska

How To Dress for Golf

Golf belongs to one of these sports where players are often expected to follow a certain dress code. Golf used to be a sport played and watched only by the rich elites. In the older days, it was a requirement for golfers to dress in a shirt and a tie, but the rules have since been relaxed a bit. Below are the general ideas of how you are expected to dress on a golf course:

Wear the right shoes

Golf shoes with metal spikes are prohibited on most courses as they might damage the grass. Opt for soft-spiked foot wear, such as the golf shoes by TheGolfSociety which will help you play with comfort while taking care of the grass. In some cases, if the course is dry, normal sneakers will do but this depends on the club. Generally, shoes should be comfortable to walk in. Wearing heels or sandals on a golf course does not fit the occasion and is not accepted.

Pants and shorts for men, skirts and skorts for women

Men can wear tailor-made pants and shorts. Women can opt for dress pants, skirts, and skorts. Color is no limit but dark colors, such as black and gray are preferable in most golf clubs. The shorts should be slightly above the knees. It is worth noting that some clubs do not allow men to wear shorts so it is advisable to find it out before you show up on the course. Long pants should touch the top of your shoes. This will help you to twist your hips and move your feet freely when hitting the golf ball. For women, dress pants, skorts, and skirts have to be a few inches above the knees. They also have to be tailored with a soft fabric such as cotton.

Wear collared shirts or polos

For both men and women, collared shirts are a must-have. The sleeves have to be short, just above the elbows. Men will need to tuck in their shirts when on the golf course. It is not required of women to tuck in their shirts but it will depend on the type of the collared polos or shirts they have on. Sweaters are optional, depending on the weather conditions.

Put on a cap

A baseball-cap will work fine for both genders. The edge should point forward to help protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Avoid cowboy hats as they may come as a distraction when attempting to achieve a perfect swing.

If you are not sure of the dress code, you can ask fellow golfers or simply call the golf course for assistance.

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