Ajeet Yadav

The Best Breastfeeding Positions and Tips for Nursing Moms

Breastfeeding is a skill – how to position yourself and attach the baby to your body so that he can feed comfortably. It takes both practice and patience to perfect this skill. You may also require assistance. In all cases, you need to make sure that you are at the utmost comfort.

Some of the best breastfeeding positions that you can try:

1.Cradle Hold – This is the most common nursing position, just like you would rock the baby. First, hold him on your lap by making him lie horizontally. Then, cradle the baby’s head near your elbow, while your arm supports him along the back and neck. If you are feeding on the right breast, use your right forearm. Secure his knees against your left breast.

2.Cross-cradle Hold – Similar to the Cradle Hold, here your arms switch roles. That is, if you are feeding on the right breast, you will be using the opposite arm to support your baby. The right hand can be used to support your breast or guide the baby to latch on if required.

3.Side-lying – Side-lying position is helpful when you want to nurse on the bed so that you can move out easily if your little one falls asleep during feeding.

Lie down on your side with your baby facing you. Keep the baby’s mouth in line with your nipple. You can use a nursing pillow for baby’s neck and back support. If you want to lift your baby a little higher, use your top arm to cradle him so that he doesn’t have to strain himself to reach your nipple.

4.Laid-back Hold – If you want a relaxing cuddle with your baby or your baby has a difficult latch; the laid-back hold is best for you.

Find a comfortable place to lie back in a semi-reclined position, ensuring that your head and shoulders are fully supported. Lay your baby on your stomach so that he is facing down and his mouth is in line with your nipple.

Tips for Every Breastfeeding Position

•Make sure you are bringing your baby to your breast, and he doesn’t have to strain himself to reach your nipple.

•Help your baby latch on quickly. Keep your fingers at least 2 inches away from the nipple.

•Choose a comfortable spot so that you are supporting your body well – neck, back, arms, and feet.

•Choose a comfortable environment where you can relax and feed.

•Let your baby decide how long he needs to feed and at what intervals.

•Help your baby find the right breastfeeding position. You will need to see to it that his mouth is level with the nipple, and his head is slightly tilted backward.

•Look for signs to ensure that your baby is breastfeeding correctly. Notice the way he sucks and swallows milk. See to it that he is well-fed and growing healthy.

•Avoid Engorgement - a painful swelling and hardening of the breasts. This can make it quite difficult for the baby to feed. To avoid Engorgement, it is better to breastfeed your baby as often as possible. Use a pump, if needed, to soften the breasts.

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