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My iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Perhaps you have ever faced a nagging issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo design or a boot loop? There's a real way to get back into your device. Typically this is really because of a jailbreak tweak or few tweaks which are experiencing a nagging problem in working together. This may happen with non-jailbreak tweaks like color changer also, icon changer, and carrier logo changer etc.

Here I will demonstrate multiple ways to get out of the situation. One for those iPhone devices that have a home button and one for those that don’t. Furthermore, I’m sharing a power restart iPhone method too if you are not able to do anything on your device.

A lot of the sociable people are going to assume, once you’re in a boot loop you will need to place your device into DFU mode, restore it or plugin it into iTunes and restore it. If you do this, certainly you’re going to reduce your jailbreak which is something you certainly don’t want.

Keep third , article, I am not posting only one, but a few methods for getting out of iPhone trapped on Apple boot or logo loop. The nagging problem is, your iPhone keep you displaying the Apple logo design which appears like it’s attempting to boot up but it’s not.

Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo (Home Button)

Step 1:

The very first thing you must do is to press and hold the power button and the home button together to power your device off. That is a hard power off to your device.

Step 2:

After your device is force off, press and contain the charged power button to switch on these devices again. As as the Apple logo turns up soon, click and hold the volume up button which will allow your device on top of that up in safe setting. Keep keeping it for a complete minute or two until it boots up. Whenever your device is boot up it’s in safe mode.

Step 3:

All your jailbreak tweaks are disabled now. Your device will continue to work, you may make phone calls, messages, you can do anything on your device basically. It’s in safe setting just.

Although your iPhone stuck on Apple logo is out of problem now but, another nagging problem is that you'll require to find it away why it is going on. If you’re jailbroken, it is most likely going to be always a jailbreak tweak leading to boot loop in your device. The first method completes here.

The fix for iPhone stuck on Apple logo design on devices like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Potential, iPhone X differs. For this, you got to know how to do a potent drive restart iPhone and ideally, this will fix your trouble. If don’t, then follow the 3rd method where you’d have to revive your iPhone with iTunes.

How To Power Restart iPhone

Press and leave the quantity up and then your quantity down button and then press and contain the power button. The screen shall become black as well as your device has gone out of the boot loop. Now click on the power button and it will boot regress to something easier and Apple logo will show again and after minutes, show your home display it’ll. Any device older than iPhone 7, the procedure is pressing the charged power button and the house button for a difficult restart.

Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo design (Without Home Button Cell)


This method shall wipe out all of your data, if you’ve not made your iPhone’s backup then you will lose your computer data. It is advisable to continue to keep on car data backup on your device because you can come across some problem any moment where in fact the reset is necessary.

Step 1:

Connect your device through an USB cable to your Mac or PC.

Step 2:

After that, press volume up button accompanied by quantity down button and press the energy button then. Keep holding these for some time until your display screen turns into dark and from then on Apple logo design can look again. Keep in mind, keep keeping the buttons before Apple logo shows up again and then iTunes logo design turns up with USB wire to remain your screen.

Step 3:

From then on head to your personal computer and you’ll see a note in pop that there surely is a problem your iPhone and it must be restored to be able to escape iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem. Select restore and it'll execute a fresh restore to your device and update it to the latest firmware. After the device is restored, you’ll get rid off this iPhone stuck on Apple boot or logo loop problem.

Those people who have supported their device can restore all the info following this fresh restore. if you don’t have a back-up, to begin with, start backups on your iPhone.

This is one way you can be rid of iPhone stuck on Apple boot or logo loop problem. I have stated a way of force restart iPhone if you aren't in a position to do any thing on your iPhone. I am hoping you men enjoy it and if any query is had by you please leave that in the responses below.


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