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How to Choose the Best Power Tower with Bench for Your Home Gym

Choosing the best power tower for home gym will allow you to choose from an assortment of different models. There are all different kinds of exercises that can be done with an EZ Curl power tower including; bodyweight squats, pushups, dips, shoulder presses, dead lifts, chest presses, and abdominal crunches.

Almost any exercise can be done on a tower if you have the correct barbell and dumbbells for it. This article is going to tell you how to choose the best power tower for your home gym.

Before I get into the different power towers for home gyms, I want to make sure that you know that weights are required to use these items. You do not have to purchase a brand new exercise machine for you to use in your home gym. You can simply use old weights that you have laying around in your garage or house.

One of the best power towers for home gyms is the Reebok EZ Curl Dip Station. This is a unique item, because it will allow you to do multiple exercises on it at once. By doing multiple exercises on this station, you are able to get the most out of the time you spend in your home gym. It is a great way to do dips, biceps curls, triceps extensions, tricep kickbacks, and squats all on one unit.

Choosing the right power tower for your needs

The Reebok EZ Curl Dip Station comes in many different configurations. The price ranges across the board, but you can expect it to cost anywhere from two hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. It also comes in a variety of different configurations.

For example, it is available as a vertical knee board or with a horizontal board. It is available in 12 ft., 18 ft., and even 24 ft models. Some models come with a squat kit, which is nice if you are looking to do some squats at the end of your training session.

The next item that we have here is the Reebok Push-Up/Slamming Station. While it is not an exact replica of the old vertical leg press/dips machines that you may remember from your college days, it is still a very good power tower if you are looking to do some push-ups or pull-ups. It is made with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and includes a suspension trainer so that your workout will be very effective.

Functional power towers

For those of you who are more interested in leg raises and other kinds of functional training, the next item to check out would be the Reebok Power Tower for Home Gym.

It comes with a lot of nice features and is ideal for a beginner fitness level. It is also available in different weights so that it can be used by both men and women regardless of their weight-range.

For a more advanced exerciser, you can use this tower with the suspension trainer so that you get a more intense workout without risking injury.

Take the next step with your home gym

There are plenty of resources out there for choosing the best power tower with bench for your home gym. This guide has plenty of information, including best power towers for all budgets and types of athletes.

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