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4 Common Types of Pest Commonly Found in Restaurants

Pests could be damaging to any business or industry, including the food industry. When your restaurant is infested with pests, it could really damage your business and ruin the reputation of your restaurant. If the word that your restaurant is infested with pests spreads quickly, small insects could become a huge issue for your business. These are the four types of pest that many restaurants have to deal with.

Pantry Pest

Pantry pests are small insects that could be in the restaurant hidden within the pantry products such as flour, grain, nuts, and other packaged products. They eat, excrete and breed within the packaged product, leaving bacteria that would change the flavor as well as cause digestive and allergies issues. Since these pests are inside packaged products and are not that visible, it requires great attention and caution to examine the incoming pantry products. Additionally, it requires regular inspections of the existing stocks for any signs of infestation.


Rats and mice commonly show up whenever there is food and with their sharp teeth, they can chew their way into food boxes. They could also spread diseases like salmonella and E. Coli. To prevent rodent infestation, store food products in containers that are tightly sealed and keep the containers 50 centimeters away from walls. Additionally, always keep the kitchen and food storage clean and spotless and never leave any food out to prevent rats and mice infestation. To keep rodents away from your restaurant, check our rodent control services performed by trained professionals.


Cockroaches are tricky animals to deal with, they could go into unexpected places and spread bacteria that could cause food poisoning and contaminate your establishment with feces and shed exoskeletons. Additionally, they could survive weeks without food or water, not to mention that they could survive for weeks without their heads. To prevent infestation, you may need professionals who offer restaurant pest control and cockroaches extermination.


Restaurants are very prone to flies infestation, one fly in your establishment could cause a major problem as one fly could lay hundreds of eggs. Flies are not just annoying, they are a major health risk, this is because they carry many diseases and contaminate your food. To prevent this infestation you need to keep your kitchen and dining area clean. However, you could always try to have your local pest control to help you with it.

If you are a restaurant owner, any kind of pest infestation could seriously damage your establishment. To minimize the damage and uphold your reputation, it is best to always seek help and advice from professionals.

Chambers Pest Solution is dedicated to solving pest problems with preventative and curative methods. Call today at (08) 9313 2871 or get in touch online to learn more about us. We provide pest control service for a residential, commercial, restaurant as well as integrated pest management

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