Allan Ostenfeld

The 5 Best Hot Water Heater Brands

Which is the best brand? Essentially, this depends on individual situations, as a family of four will have different needs for a working couple who are often away for work. Some brands offer more variety and energy efficiency than others.


Rheem is, and with good reason, one of the most well-known and respected brands of hot water systems. They produce a wide range of systems and are equipped to meet a number of needs, including solar power, electrical, oil, heat pump, and continuous flow systems of gas. The size of the water heater systems varies greatly, and a range of steel options for added strength are also available. Rheem is known for its user-friendly and safe systems, good value for money and excellent warranty services.


Rinnai is also a well-known brand of hot water heater, offering a range of options for both commercial and residential systems, including storage of gas, solar and heat pumps. They have developed two series of continuous gas water heaters, known as Hotflo and Rinnai Infinity. They also provide a variety of accessories to help you manage your use, help to make your system look nicer or provide a little additional security. They are renowned for their consistency and great value for money, and their systems are user-friendly regardless of the type.


Bosch sells both heat pump and electrical storage systems, however they are better known for their proprietary ' Optiflow ' technology, a feature of their continuous gas hot water systems. It provides a Bluetooth connection so you can monitor your use and examine / adjust your water temperature using your phone's , and Bosch claims that your hot water will be more responsive than other systems. These are an effective systems with great bang for the buck and reasonable guarantees, but they aren't always the quietest options!


Dux is also another popular hot water heater brand that offers a large range of systems including electric, gas, heat pump, gas, and options for solar boosting. They have a wide range of sizes, but out of all available brands, they are not considered to have the most efficient systems. Nevertheless, their gas continuous flow systems have an energy efficiency score of 6.7 stars, which is higher than most currently on the market.


AquaMax has a broad range of water heating unit, such as: AquaMax gas systems, AquaMax electric systems, AquaMax stainless steel heaters. AquaMax's gas water heater units emits low carbon emissions and energy efficient. Although these units' upfront costs may be a little steeper than other alternative, you'll save in the future, as these gas systems have extremely low operating costs.

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