Allan Ostenfeld

A Tree Down My Pipe

Finding tree roots growing in your sewer line can be very annoying, it can be highly damaging to your sewer line as it could spread and grow into other drain pipes.

As the tree roots grow within the pipeline, they will expand and put a large amount of force where it enters the drain. The pressure by the growth of the root will eventually damage the pipe which could lead to a total collapse of the pipe. Once the tree root is inside your sewer line it will grow quickly.This is because water and other nutrients that are necessary for a tree’s growth can be found in your sewer and drain line. Once they have grown and spread their roots, it will fill up the pipe with its hair-like roots. This is will a blocked drain as the roots will collect grease, toilet paper and other material in your drain. As a result, it will create a blocked drain and backup which could be one of the most expensive plumbing emergencies homeowners could have as it may involve a complete replacement.

One of the signs that your house is having issues by a tree build-up is the slow drains, this can be identified by gurgling noises from your shower, toilet or even sink. If you ignore this sign and do not take any actions, your drain will be completely blocked due to the tree roots collecting materials in your sewer line.

Every homeowner is responsible for maintaining their sewer line. A homeowner should find out the location of their sewer line and should avoid planting trees or hedges around the pipeline of the sewer. This should be done to decrease the chances of tree roots growing and intruding inside the sewer pipeline. If you are planning to have trees or hedges around the sewer line, try to choose slow-growing trees that do not have an aggressive root system, this will give you more time to watch them grow before they get too big and intrusive.

One of the best ways to prevent blocked drains due to tree roots is to schedule a regular inspection with your local plumber. Your plumber will usually provide methods of inspection and removing tree roots from your sewer line. One common method of inspection is to use CCTV camera, this method does not require any digging, therefore, it does not destruct the ground. Using this method it allows the homeowner to be updated on the tree roots in your sewer line.

It is essential to keep your sewer line in top condition. Any small damages in your pipeline could cause tree roots to make its way inside. To prevent this you may wish to contact an experienced local Sydney plumber such as SPS Plumbers that provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to inspect your home.

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