Allan Ostenfeld

Common Door Lock Issues

You would like to keep your loved one and your belongings safe and secure as a homeowner. But often, until something terrible happened, you don't put much thought in your door locks. Try to stick to proper door locks maintenance to avoid any lock problems at home that might be expensive to repair. Here are some popular lock problems that are quite meddlesome for most homeowners.

Key broken/stuck in the lock

There are many explanations for this matter, however, the most common issue is due to misaligned door latch or contraptions that are not lubricated. If you find your key stuck and rigid, do not try to force it out. Forcing the key could break the key in half and leave the other half inside.

The reason why this is a common issue is people tend to be in a rush most of the time and they wouldn’t think twice about not forcing the key to dislodge from the door. Thus creating the most common problems with door locks.

Stiff door locks

Ever had the experience of trying to unlock the door but the motion is horrendously slow as if there was some force resisting the key to turn? This is caused by a build-up of dirt and dust inside the lock. If you find that situation happening, clean out the lock using a cotton swab or lubricate the lock using silicon spray.

Misaligned door latch

The misaligned door latch occurs when the latch itself could not catch the strike plate and as a result, it is difficult to shut or lock the door. This usually caused by poor installation, damp weather, or even heat.

A solution to this is you need to use tools to adjust the plates and tighten the door hinges, but it’s best to call experts such as All Time Locksmiths as they are qualified and experienced to do the job.

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