Allan Ostenfeld

Fear the Flood: Prepare for the Worst

Usually, everyone would hear about the depravity of water in Africa, which is an issue not to be overlooked. Who would have thought by having too much water would ever be an issue at all…

In Mississippi's riverbank, overflowed due to the flood and caused nineteen barges to be swollen by water. Inside the barges were soaked fertilizers that exhumed sulfuric stench that made it painful to inhale. Other than that, there are other cases of the abysmal flooding that has swallowed large parts this spring, this has also brought barge traffic on many of the regions’ rivers to a near standstill. The water is too high and too fast to navigate. Shipments of grains, fertilizers, and construction supplies are stranded.

This is caused due to America’s water levels being a bit too high, and this instills fears towards the citizens, whether it’s aimed towards crops, roads or even their homes, they are still consumed by the bloated waters which cause mold to form and leave buildings scathed by ugly water lines. There are many flood restoration companies around the world for handling flood damages and flood clean-up.

Flood damages can lead to another disastrous effect; crippling the nation’s essential river commerce. Water, the very thing that makes barge shipping possible in normal times, has been present in such alarming overabundance this spring that it has rendered river transportation impossible in much of the countries that require river transportation.

A case was reported to the New York Times about a farmer, Chris Schaefers, who has his completely eradicated by the flood as it was knee deep above the soil. He even went as far as to go around his cornfield with a motorboat, showing how disastrous the flood was for his business and clients. He was mortified to face this turmoil once again as the flood also demolished his corn field last year, but this was on a greater scale, as he saw his once flourished corn field become swift-moving, latte-colored river water which he could not salvage what crops he had left.

A flood is usually caused by heavy rain, high tides and blocked drainage. A sewage cleanup is always an option to reconsider to prevent another disastrous flood to occur again. Sure, floods may be unpredictable, but there are also ways on how to mitigate damages and expenses. There are water damage and water extraction teams willing to aid you in your preparation. For flood water extraction Sydney which is a city that is often affected by floods, it's truly an important part of the infrastructure.

The results of a flood will ultimately lead to a damaging result, thus one should always prepare for the worst. It’s not like we can do anything to stop the flood but more like mitigating the risks such as:

1. Understand the flood risks in your area

2. Prepare your property

3. Keep a phone number of emergency services in display

4. Have information based on relocation if the flood is too dire

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