Allan Ostenfeld

Leaking Matters

Do NOT ignore those drips you hear at your kitchen. It is a prime indication that your faucet or some plumbing facility is leaking. Sure you may see it as one drip per three seconds, but this is actually quite dire in terms of water waste.

Did you know that a leaking faucet can amass at least 300 gallons per month and at least 3,600 gallons per year? That’s a huge amount of water wasted and there is a variety of uses for that amount of water. To add to that, it might even spike up the water bills by a significant amount.

When water leaks, so do your wallet.

This is a very mundane matter honestly, but it’s not impossible. People tend to overlook this matter because of what they see in the short-term. Having a leak can cause you problems in the FUTURE. Imagine if you decide to have a vacation abroad for at least a month, but your cubicle, shower, and faucet are leaking, the water bills will be considerably high.

It’s just an unnecessary liability that you have to face just because you really ignore those leaks you have in your house.

Leaking is as inevitable as running out of gasoline when you keep using your car/bike, the difference is when people are running out of gas, they try to find the closest gas station to fill it up so they can continue their journey. When it comes to leaking however people just completely ignore it, more often than not.

It’s better to just call your local water leaking services and have it fixed ASAP or if you want and have the time, you can fix it yourself. It’s not that hard as long as you have the tools.

When water leaks, molds are formed.

This is no laughing matter, as some leaks could even form molds around the area of the leak which is highly hazardous for your health. Molds come in different types but most commonly, they will interfere and damage your respiratory system. Even worse if you or someone in your family or friends have an allergic reaction to molds.

If you are seeing that molds are starting to form, that means you left the problem untended for a long period of time. Molds don’t magically appear in a second. They are formed when there is an excess of moisture in the said area, added with humidity and lack of air. They slowly form until it becomes visible to the human eye. Now that’s when you have to call a mold remediation specialist to come and eradicate the problem.

I did mention above that water leaks can cause your wallet to leak too, in a metaphorical sense. This is accentuated by the fact that when molds are already formed and present, you will have to hire a mold remediation service which costs some good money. Imagine if you had just called your local plumber to, you know, twist the nuts and bolts of the pipe inside your cubicle to stop the leak.

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