Allan Ostenfeld

Plumbers: The True Underdogs

Life goes as a huge machine treading through and every industry, organization, entity are all a part of this cog in this machinery. Some say that Scientists have bigger cogs than a pilot. Some even say a civil engineer has a bigger cog than a musician. It’s all about entitlement and ego that labels themselves to be better than rest. With a missing cog, it will result in the under-performance of this machinery we are a part of.

Plumbers, however, are the ones shrouded in darkness. They only get their recognition only when their hands need to get dirty. They appear for a long duration and disappear in a flash when the deed is done. Truly an unsung hero.

All these metaphors aside, plumbers don’t take the recognition they deserve. Much like how most homeowners completely disregard a leaking pipe would cause no harm until that pipe bursts water and all hell breaks loose pouring out all the backed up sewage waste from God knows when and contaminating your toilet/kitchen.

A monthly check to your main pipe sewer line doesn’t hurt as you can identify a potential problem with the pipes. When the worst-case scenario happens, that’s when you use a lot of your expenses for the fixing and some additional fees to possibly discard and replace what was broken and lost.

Other than that, you can always consult a plumber if your plumbing fixtures are outdated. This is a future investment when it comes to selling your house. The toilet is such an essential part of the house because everyone living in a house will use the toilet probably five times a day, and what does the toilet serve as? To clean yourself up. It only collects dirt that comes out of you and you make. So if you lived in a family house for 20 years and decide to sell it yet you haven’t consulted to a plumber at least once in a decade? You’re going to have a massive decline when it comes to selling your house or even complains from the buyers when they purchase the house from you and find out that there is a massive issue in the toilet and massive tissue clogging the sewer line.

A full bathroom remodel is actually what gets customers to buy your house. It may be an overlooked thing because you see the toilet every day but that’s EXACTLY why it is paramount to refurbish your toilet as a whole. When a customer sees the toilet sparkling clean, up to date equipment, energy efficient, they too think it is a future investment.

Plumbers actually have a dangerous field of work too. They have to handle strong water pressures, raking out dirt from a pipeline, play with chemicals in order to clear the clogging, and even have to handle the gas leaking and replace it, knowing full well that natural gas is quite combustible.

Plumbers should be more appreciated with their field of work as it is not such a simple task. People think it is rather simple to replace the faucet but a plumber knows that a faucet is not the main problem, the main problem resides in what’s inside these walls. All these pipes leading to their main source of the problem which they have to get their hands dirty in order to abolish this problem and prevent it from happening again. They are ready 24/7 for emergencies that require their services.

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