Allan Ostenfeld

Stress-Free Moving Tips

Moving can be very daunting, draining, and stressing. Just thinking about the amount of packing you have to do, lifting things from place to place will just cause you to fall in the pit of procrastination, and not to mention that you have to remember almost every piece of item that you want to relocate to your new home. God that sounds mentally taxing doesn’t it?

Worry not! We will present to you tips and tricks to make sure that your moving won’t be as intimidating as it sounds or looks and also make sure that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

When to Start Packing

Packing everything you have in your house/property will consume a LOT of your time. It is something that can’t be done last minute so we highly advise you to start packing early. You don’t use everything you own every day, so it’s nice to start packing some of the less important items you own. Make sure you label the boxes as well, so you won’t be panicking on searching for the items you need once you’ve already moved out.

Filter Items You Want To Bring

Moving makes you realize just how much you do own, and how much of those belongings are collecting dust. Rather than paying your removalist to relocate a bunch of items that you’ll eventually throw away, start a discard pile as you pack up. You can open or join a garage sale, post it on some online shopping platform, the possibilities are endless.

Moving Furniture In Pieces

If you’re pulling your furniture apart, make sure you keep the parts with the item that they’re meant for. Keeping them in random places is chaos waiting to happen. Every tiny little bolt counts and make sure you stuff them in a bag, label it, and organizing it. Let your removalist do the heavy lifting for you, that’s one of their job desks anyways.

Pack Your Icebox

Obviously, you’re not going to do grocery shopping before you move, so what’s left in the fridge should fit in your icebox. Make sure you have some snacks, sandwiches, and drinks and take it with you in the car. You’re going to need all the refreshments you can get after the move is done.

Overnight Bag

Before you finish packing everything into boxes, make sure you have a bag reserved for overnight stays; a change of clothes, toiletries, and something to sleep in.

This is not so much for the worst case scenario, but more for the first night in the new home. You wouldn’t want to be unpacking for clothes on the first night of your new home. You’ve already done a hefty amount of work to get you there in the first place and you’ll definitely need a well-earned rest after this endeavor.

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