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What attract termites to your home

Termites are more than just an annoying animal, they are a destructive beast that can damage your home and cost you a lot of money. Most homeowners are wondering what brings them to their home? Well, the thing is, some homes are more prone to termite invasion than others. There are specifics condition that helps these insects to grow.

Plenty of wood

Termites love wood of various types. This includes the living trees in your yard, firewood pile in your backyard and even the tree stump around your home. Rotting wood is a breeding ground for termites and trees that come in contact with your home is another pathway of entry. Another place that termites love to breed is mulch in your yard as it usually holds moisture. Due to this, it is wise to keep all wood 4 to 6 meters away from your home.

Bad drainage

Most homeowners hate cleaning the gutter in their home, however, if you choose to ignore this task, it could actually result in a bigger issue and headache. The gutter could be blocked and which could cause water to pool on it and as it holds moisture, it will attract termites. Thus you would create a breeding ground for termites if you choose not to clean your gutter.

To prevent any termites colonies, the soil in your yard should be as dry as possible. Keep rainwater away from the foundation of your home by regularly cleaning the gutter. Additionally, you should repair any leaks or damaged pipes around the exterior of your home to keep the termites away from your home.

Dark and warm places

Insects like termites flourish in places that are dark and undetected. One example of this is the crawl spaces or any underground area in your home. This is the perfect environment for them to breed and grow, especially if your underground area holds any moisture. Ignoring them could cause serious damage to your home, that is why it is important to keep these areas cool and dry.

If you are experiencing termites invasion in your home, you would not be able to fix it by your self. Instead, get in touch with Pest Inspection Perth today at 0405 763 777 or online today. We provide expert advice and practical assistance for your permanent pest solution. We offer services such as residential pest control, termite control & treatment, restaurant pest control, and other pest control services.

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