Allan Ostenfeld

What to do During a Flood?

It is advisable to reach a higher level or platform during floods to guarantee safety from being swept away by the rising current that often carries dangerous products along the way. It is generally contaminated by whatever lies in the sewage, which is then brought up by the overabundance of water carried into the depths of the knee.

NEVER evacuate when the flood is already present, unless the authority says that it is secure for now and that they need to move instantly. As a flood 2 feet above the ground can immobilize your car and cause you to be trapped in.

Flash floods are the ones to fear as they accumulate enormous amounts of water in minutes. If a flash flood is imminent and you don't believe you have the time to move, unplug any and all electrical equipment and relocate to higher ground as soon as possible. Go to the high floor if you live in a 2-story house.

Turn on the radio at all times when evacuating. Vantage points will be provided by the police to prevent the civilians from being stuck in a flash flood. If you need to, don't drive. As trapped in a metal contraption death is imminent to the unfortunate. On the contrary, just walk if the flood current is not so volatile.

Never swim in the flood. There are too many dangers to consider. Instead of facing numerous illness, you should leave it until the flood was swept away by the current. Even an emergency flood service would advise you to throw a floatable than to throw your life to save someone else.

If you have a family or one, in case of separation, always have a contact that is already there and a meeting point. NEVER go after a current-swept victim instead, tossing a floatable item will help them greatly.

A flood will leave your house damaged so it is advisable to call for a flood cleaning services after the flood has left. Most of your belongings will be gone or damaged and you will have to resort to purchasing new ones instead.

It is paramount that after a flood, a sewage cleanup crew is to be called upon to check potential clogs. As the flood stream gushes most of the items away, it is highly likely that the flood swept something up in the drainage system.

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