Essential Tips for Budding Welding Professionals

If you think welding is a fun and interesting job then stick to your thought but also add that it is a dangerous business. Just getting into welding profession without knowing few basics can be risky. You might possess great welding skills but to make your welding process more efficient and get more better results. Here are few tips that will maximise the efficiency and minimize the risks involved in welding process. Whether you work individually or in an organisation, these welding tips will really be handy.

Safety comes first:

Most of the welding machine manufacturers follow general safety while building the machines but since you will be the one who will be operating these risky machines, you have to be 100% cautious and ensure safety is priority. Never ever forget about the super high temperature of the machines and unwisely try working with bare hands. Safety fire-resistant gloves is a must while performing welding tasks. The glare and sparks while welding can also turn you blind as you work so closely. Without a doubt safety glasses should not be neglected. Breathing clean air while welding is also important. To avoid the dangerous fumes attacking your lungs, use dedicated respirator for welding. Also wear fire-safe full sleeves clothes to protect yourself while welding. Wearing welding safety shoes goes without saying. In short, you have to keep yourself completely safe while welding. Make sure you are well aware of the fire exits within your zone so that you do not panic at the time of emergency and easily find a way out.

Choosing right rod size:

The correct way to choose rod is to choose it as per the metal. The thickness of the rod should be suitable to the thickness of metal you are welding. If the diameter of the rod is smaller, it is much easy to weld. For example - if the diameter of the rod is say ⅛, then the weld should be minimum 1 quarter inch wide.

Puddle recognition for successful welding:

Puddle recognition is said to be first step towards successful welding. Auto darkening helmet will help to ease the process. During MIG welding, the process is automatic and that is why the puddle formed underneath goes unnoticed. This makes difficult for the welders to follow the welding disciplines. The electrode should be kept pointed at the leading edge of the welding puddle and slow down the speed of the weld. However during TIG welding process, puddle recognition is pretty easy. But the full extent of puddle cannot be recognized. The arc is important but you should not neglect what is happening to the puddle. See the puddle by leaning into the frond edge of the welding.

Clean the metal before welding:

Whether your metal is thick or long, cleaning is important. You can remove the thick layers or impurities from the slag with the help of wire brush. Sand paper can also be used to remove all the impurities on the metal before starting the welding process. There are also various different tools to make the metal perfect for welding.

These are just the basic essential tips but following them effectively will improve your welding work.

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