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How To Fix Antimaware Service Executable

It’s being so irritating while working on a computer to complete a very urgent project and at the same time your computer starts hanging.

I know if you have computer then you might have faced this problem.

And if you are one of those person who are suffering from this problem and still haven’t got the solution then just wait for few seconds and keep reading the article because after reading this article you will completely get rid of this problem.

To make your computer safe and secure from viruses, worms, Trojans and other kind of malwares, windows provide you on inbuilt antivirus software called windows defender which scans your whole computer system and detect malwares if any exist in your computer.

But sometime to detect the viruses in the system windows defender itself become the reason of hanging the system.

This is little bit shocking for some of you but it happens. click here to know more about antimalware service executable.

We will see all the cases why it happens and how to solve it ahead in this article but before that let me give you the little more introduction of antimalware service executable file.

Let’s start…

What is Antimalware Service Executable?

If you are using a windows operating system in your computer then you might have heard about an application called windows defender.

Windows defender is an antivirus application available in windows 7 and onward windows operating system.

This antivirus application monitors all the activities happening in your system therefore, if it find any potential threats trying to enter in your system while your system is connected with the internet, it wil restrict threat to enter in your system and provide you real time protection.

Antiviruses are nothing but a set of code written in some programming language, opposite to viruses to restrict the viruses to enter in the system.

Antimalware service executable or msmpeng.exe is a file exist in a windows defender application which runs in your computer continuously to monitor your computer for restricting a malicious activities.

This process starts running in your system from when you starts your computer system.

It use only limited amount of resources allotted to it to perform its task but sometime because of some issue occur in this process it starts using 90-96% of computer resources like CPU, RAM etc. which makes your computer slow.

Ahead in this article we will see all the cases why this happens but before that let me share a picture with you so that you might able to know clearly what I am talking about.

Image - 1

Image - 2

So, as you can see above where I have shared two pictures where the first picture describes a normal allotment of resources to antimalware service executable process and the second picture shows the problematic one which we have to solve.

So now I think you all might be clear what antimalware service executable or msmpeng.exe file is and why your system is hanging each time you start working on your very important project.

And now let me take you on a next section where I will be sharing why this is occurring.

Add Antimalware Service Executable in an Exclusion list

When it scans the system it scan itself too which can be the reason to lag the system so to not make this happen add windows defender in an exclusion list.

Once it will be in exclusion list it will not scan itself.

Here is how you will add it in an exclusion list…

1: Open windows task manager by pressing ctrl shift esc.

2: Once you open the task manager look for antimalware service executable. Right click on the process the click on file location.

3: Copy the full path of antimalware service executable from the address bar.

4: Open start menu type “windows defender” then click on the top result to open the windows defender.

5: Click on virus threats protection and then click on virus & threats protection settings.

6: Once you click on the virus & threats protection setting option now scroll down and look for “Exclusion” and click on Add or remove exclusion.

7: It will take you on another screen, click on add an exclusion, select the folder and paste the path of antimalware service executable in the address bar.

8: Then click on open and the folder will be excluded from the scan.

Still there are multiple methods exist but I think two which I have shared above will solve your problem surely. And if not then just make comment in a comment section and I will share another methods too.


Let’s wrap up…

As we seen above about antimalware service executable file which is a process runs in windows computer system to monitor and provide a real time protection from a different kind of malicious activities.

Sometime because of some reason it uses higher computer resources which become a case of hanging and slowing down a system.

To reduce the use of computer resources I have shared some method above which will solve your problem and will make your computer faster.

So if you have directly jumped here then I would recommend go and check out the complete article, it will help you a lot.

Thank you,

Good bye.

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