Know What Are the Unsafe and Safe Abortion Methods

Since the 1990s, abortion as a medical facility is getting acceptance. Thus, women, today can terminate their unplanned pregnancies either through abortion pills or invasive procedures safely without endangering their health. However, norms about access to end pregnancies are not the same everywhere. Due to limitations in several places on who can undertake termination and if they can even get opt for it or not, people may sometimes resort to unsafe methods of abortion.

To reduce the risk of adverse effects on women’s health because of unsafe methods to end a pregnancy, it is vital to discuss the methods abortion unharming and safe to perform. And in this post, we will discuss just that.

Statistics About Safe and Unsafe Abortion

According to a renowned research institute, only 55% of all pregnancy terminations worldwide are safe. Regions with unregulated facilities or restrictions hinder the accessibility of healthcare for women. This increases the risk of unsafe abortion and in turn impacts the health of the female, even causing the mortality rates to shoot up. Thus, it is important that women must receive information on safe methods for pregnancy termination.

For instance, in developing nations personal bias, stereotypes, and stigma are rampant, and women fear ending their pregnancies because of what others may think. While the pill method is the easiest for an intrauterine pregnancy within 9 weeks of gestation, clinical care should also exist. This will widen the horizon of choice for women and give them the availability of different yet safe abortion methods as per their health and needs.

There are 14 developing nations, which have several restrictions in place on abortion. And as women are not so sure about how to end their pregnancy or are ill-informed about it, they use the wrong methods of termination. 40% of females who experience termination of pregnancy this way encounter health issues and complications. The annual estimate worldwide here is 6.9 million females requiring medical attention for emergencies.

What is an Unsafe Abortion Method for Women?

Some females take multiple pills whose genuineness is not established. These are probably not even prescribed for medical abortion by a healthcare professional. Or, females may even ingest oral toxic substances or insert these ingredients in the vagina and experience heavy bleeding or cramps, which are out of control. There are events when females insert the iron edge of hangers and sharp objects to puncture the cervix and uterus and take out the pregnancy contents. These lead to grievous injuries and even prove fatal.

Damage to internal organs even if tended to can result in infertility and other complications. In worse scenarios, the removal of the uterus and reproductive organs become mandatory to tackle the issue. If the clinical procedure is carried out by an unprofessional, who does not take care of hygiene and safe method abortion, then the risk of infection also lingers. Thus, sepsis and inflammation of the uterus and the vaginal canal are quite common in such situations.

What is the Safe Abortion Method for Females?

The safest way to end a pregnancy early in the first trimester is through pills. It is also simple to access medicine. You can buy abortion pills online for utilization at home in privacy. You can self-administer the medicine orally Mifepristone 200mg on day 1. Then 24 to 48 hours, take Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills buccally or vaginally as per the instruction of your physician. If the pregnancy is within 5 weeks of gestation, you can follow this dosage. If the pregnancy is within 6 and 9 weeks, then you may need an additional dose of 4 x 200mcg Misoprostol pills.

Then you can undergo invasive removal of pregnancy portions from the uterus through dilation and curettage or dilation and evacuation method at a clinic. This method cannot be performed at home by the person. You have to admit yourself at a hospital under professional care, and may be administered dilation for the cervix, and anesthesia. You can choose any of these procedures at your convenience.

To Conclude

Now that you know the difference between unsafe and safe abortion methods, if you need pills for termination, then is a feasible platform for you. The medicine is provided in discreet packaging, is of high quality, authentic, and good for early pregnancy.

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