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6 Effective Strategies to Optimize Your Amazon FBA Business In 2020

Amazon is a growing market place, every day hundreds of sellers launch new products. In this competitive era, If you are about to start as a new seller or already an Amazon seller who wants to maintain or enhance your conversion rates in the coming year you must follow some main points of the marketing strategy.

There are a lot of effective and significant strategies that will help you out in optimizing your Amazon FBA Business but I have found out 6 important key points that will help you out in standing different in the market.

It will not only showcase your products better than your competitors but also increase your traffic and will also be helpful in increasing conversion rates.

These points include,

1. Focus on Listing optimization

2. Amazon SEO

3. A content

4. Advertising

5. Customer dealing

6. Responding to negative reviews

Focus On Listing Optimization:

Listing optimization is one of the important things when running an E-commerce business. A well-optimized listing can push up your ranking and improves your sales. A Good listing comprises of these basic points.



Bullet points and Product description


Photography is a basic need for e-commerce selling. A good picture speaks a thousand words. AMZ One step is providing the best Amazon Product Photography services that are eye-grabbing and professional.

A Title should always be attracting. A well-elaborated title that contains the keywords makes its place in the market more easily than a casual irrelevant title.

Bullet Points and the product description must include the key features of products that should be highlighted and the use of the specific keywords makes your listing optimization not only good but worth reading and competitive in the market. Keywords increase the search volume of your products. So, make sure to use them effectively.

URL must be effective and short containing the keywords.

Amazon SEO:

Amazon SEO is the backbone of the marketing strategy. Extensive keyword research must be done to remain at the top of the search results.

Use Amazon Keyword Tool to get the most relevant keywords about your products and include them in the title, bullet points, product description, and URL.

A content:

After the SEO and listing optimization, if you have done it in the right way A content or enhanced content can win the market in a very short period of time.

It builds trust in the viewers for your product. AMZ One step is providing Enhanced brand content service, it can make your journey of sales on amazon very easy. A content is the specific feature of Amazon that is only available to vendor sellers.


Advertising makes brands. Proper advertising through social media platforms and many other ways may help in getting a large amount of traffic.

You can sponsor your ads by Amazon PPC Campaign that will keep your ads on the top of the website. Amazon has different options for advertisement like product display ads, sponsored product ads, headline search ads. Use a proper PPC campaign according to your product demands.

Customer Dealing:

Always provide good customer services, fulfill your orders on time. Talk to customers nicely and make sure not to offend by anything customers say and demand. Good communication results in collecting more positive reviews and ratings.

Amazon’s enhanced content feature also stimulates the customers to leave some reviews for the product. Proper customer dealing converts the reviews into positive reviews.

Responding To Negative Reviews:

The last thing that leaves deep marks is a negative review. Always respond to negative reviews nicely, try to contact the buyer and help him/her in resolving the issue. It can soften the buyer towards you so that he/she can edit the review.

A negative review can destroy all backhand efforts and discourage upcoming customers or buyers. Always notice and respond to them seriously.

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