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7 Pro Ways To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing To Increase Sell

Listing your product isn’t the only thing that you need to do as a seller. That what you are doing. Right? Do you know how to optimize your product listing that will help you to increase sales?

Well If you don’t then no need to worry, I am here to help you. In this article, I have discussed 7 Pro ways to optimize your amazon product listing that will boost your sales.

Optimization is something that is required in every field. Your product listing needs to be optimized in order to rank higher in the product recommendation. Once you are ranked, you will be able to get a good number of sales based on your product niche. So, Amazon Listing Optimization is very important for you to generate sales.

Let’s have a look over,

7 way to optimize Amazon Product Listing

The keyword is the Kingdom

Are you aware of the term ‘Keyword’ and its importance for your product? If you aren’t then you don’t even know your product’s actual potential. The keyword is the term that your customer will search for and Amazon will recommend products that are relevant to that keyword.

You need to hunt for the most profitable keyword related to your product. There are particular tools to find the keywords i.e Amazon Keyword Tools. A keyword is a kingdom where your product should rule. Picking the appropriate keyword will help you win half of the battle.

Product Description

It doesn’t matter if your product is great and best among all but its description is clumsy and less informative. While listing your product, make sure you are either hiring a professional to write it’s the description or if you are doing it yourself then make sure the description contains your keyword and is smartly written.

Product Features

Your product features need to be the first thing that you must show to your customer. Product features need to be framed smartly and they must be written in bullet points. The product description isn’t completed without these product features. It plays a very important role to convert your viewers into your customers.

Product Photography

We are talking about e-commerce here and your viewer’s decision majorly depends upon your product’s images. If your product has well explanatory and smart images then no doubt, Amazon will rank it above your competitors easily.

If you are good at photography then go ahead do your Amazon Product Photography in the best way you can. But if you aren’t so good at photography then I would say hire some professional like ‘AMZ One Step’ as they are experts of it and have enough experience to help you out.


Once your product had reached the customer make sure you are asking him/her to leave feedback about the product. Don’t sound creepy while reaching out, just ask them to share the actual experience about the product, let them put their feeling down in the review section and there are chances that most of the time, they will leave positive feedback.

Question & Answers

In order to optimize your product listing make sure you are replying (wisely) back to the queries and questions asked about your products. Try to make your question and answer interactive and impressive as it will help you win your customer’s faith.

Paid Advertisements

Another great option to do Amazon listing optimization is to run paid campaigns. There are several options such as the Amazon PPC Campaign. All you need is a budget to promote your products. If you are a company then I would say hire experts for this task.

Final Verdict

If you really want to be a good Amazon then make sure you are considering all the above-mentioned ways. These are the most basic points that will help you to achieve your Amazon listing optimization target, especially focus on Amazon Product Photography and Keywords. Again, if you aren’t good at photography or optimization then you can always hire professionals.

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