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3 ways how you can Recognize a Drug Abuser

Addiction is referred to a complex condition or disease that affects the functionality of our brain, as well as the other parts of the body. Apart from affecting the abuser, it can also cause damage to his/her families, relationships, duties etc. This type of condition not only ruins the personal or professional life of the abuser but in extreme cases they also become a major threat to the entire society.

In a situation like this, it becomes a major responsibility for their friends and families to take abuser to a nearby rehab. In de-addiction centre they will get the proper care and treatment that will help them to get rid of their addiction. But the biggest question arises here how you can spot a drug abuser. Well, in that case, you have to grow your knowledge on the symptoms of addiction. Some of the most prominent signs of addictions are like losing control, difficulties with quitting, inabilities when making a decision etc. In the section below we will discuss the symptoms in details and help you to spot a serious drug abuser.


When the addiction starts to develop, people experience intense urges for doing the drugs. If you failed to stop him/her at this stage then it will be really difficult for the abuser to quit their addiction in future. So, in this stage, you should take your loved one to the best drug rehabilitation centre in Kolkata, as well as in the other Indian cities according to your preference. Their professional treatment and care will help your loved one to get rid of the addiction.

Poor judgement

This is another symptom that abusers experience very often. Individuals that are addicted to alcohol or drugs often end up ruining their sense of judgment. As a result, they also develop risky behaviours like:

1. Lying

2. Stealing

3. Unsafe sexual activity etc.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptom is very common term in this sector. People who try to stop their addiction often experience this. It generally represents the dependency of the user and it makes them unable to deal with their urge of taking drugs. So if you think that your loved one is going through this condition then you must consider taking him or her to the best rehabilitation center around your location.

So, these are the 3 most prominent symptoms that will help you to spot a drug abuser. After spotting one you should immediately take him/her to a nearby rehab.

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