Andrew Thompson

Tips to Help You Deal with a Biohazard Spill

If you deal with biohazard materials, then you understand the danger they pose when they spill. You can face either a major or minor spill. The response for each is different. You may have to call for emergency biohazard cleaning services for the major spills. Minor spills can easily be dealt with. But then again, call for expert help if you are not equipped to handle even the minor spills.

To avoid any accidental spills that can cause serious problems, ensure you follow set safety regulations. This is especially when it comes to the handling, storage and disposal of the biohazard materials. That said, then you can use the following tips to help you deal with a spill effectively.

Have emergency proceduresin place

The procedures will prepare you for any eventuality and offer a guide on what to do during the emergency. When you do not have set procedures in place, you will panic as you do not know where to begin. Make sure you provide training for employees as it adequately prepares them for the real deal. You can also use drills that will help them have a good idea of what to expect and gauge the response time in implementing the procedure. Ensure that you also have the necessary equipment and protective gear that everyone can use close by.

Have a cleanup company on stand by

You should also have on standby a cleanup company to provide you with the services that you need. The company should be fast and very responsive to your call of emergency. Clear the building and wait for the emergency services to arrive. You will give the emergency services time to do the work. If you deal with a substance that can cause harm when spread in the air, have measures that will allow screening of anyone who may be exposed to the substance for immediate medical attention.

Work with the material in a bio-safety cabinet or special room

Ensure you handle the biohazard material in a bio safety cabinet or specialized room. A bio-safety cabinet is easy to clean as the spill is contained within its boundaries. A specialized room or laboratory should have separate systems from the rest of the building. This makes containment of the spill easier, especially if it is dangerous when inhaled. A specialized room will have separate ventilation. You can shut down the room circulation and contain the contaminant in one place.

Understand the biohazard material well

Understand the property of the material as it allows you to have appropriate emergency procedures in place. You will know what happens to the substance when it comes into contact with air. You will also know which agents can stop its activity should it be released into the air. Again, this information prepares you well for any eventuality. You will have a better response to the emergency this way as you will have more confidence in your ability to handle it.

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