Animal Care

Jogging With Your Dogs

Jogging could be a lot more fun when you have your furry companion. Engaging in any activities with them creates a special bond that your dogs love so much.

Before taking your dog out for a jog, make sure that they are the perfect fit for this activity. Big and small dogs are usually not the best companions for jogging.

Big dogs can start increasing their pace that you could no longer keep up with. And small dogs may have trouble keeping up with your speed because they have shorter legs. Medium-sized dogs are usually the best dogs to jog with.

Obedience Training as an Exercise for Your Dogs

Obedience training requires a lot of concentration and effort from your dogs, which could be the same thing as exercising. This could be their warm-up exercise before the main exercise program. Simple commands like “sit,” “stand,” or “rollover” could start increasing their heart rates, which is ideal when starting an exercise.

Call your veterinary center Seminole, FL to make sure that your pet’s preventatives and vaccinations are up to date before taking your pet on outdoor excursions.

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