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Know Basics About Windows Mobile App Development

Microsoft is one of the best when it is to offering different its operating system for most of the devices. Microsoft's windows are for PC, Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Hybrids, and all works like a charm. There are a limited amount of users who are working to keep the Windows mobile app development alive. Barely have we had any windows powered phone right now, and even more numbers of feature phones are sold than Windows phone even if they are available.

Still Microsoft has not lost the hope, and they are working with different types of tablets which can perform well in the market, with that practice set they do need different developers, and in future by any chance any particular device come up with Windows which is quite good and popular than you might be in profit if you know about the development for windows based devices. Now let us look what exact tools we must be using for development on Microsoft's platform. Most of the Windows app development services providing company uses these tools for their use.

Know about Development Tools

Microsoft has always been open to other platforms, and this time also Microsoft's development tools are not just made for Windows but even for Android and iOS. If Microsoft will make any platforms say FireFox OS than they will even make a development tool for Tizen and Chrome OS also. There are different API's developed by Microsoft, which is updated daily. With these API's most of the cases are solved easily.

Microsoft also uses Visual Studio; there are dozens of developer sitting with Visual Studio for more than 20 years. Now current version of Visual Studio helps you to easily become a windows developer if you are currently developing iOS applications. With Visual Studio now you can easily use Windows, Android, and iOS. Hence Microsoft's utility becomes one of the best multi-environment mobile application development tools.

Microsoft is the only one which is working towards letting user work on the Native applications more. They offer different cloud storage and other features to the people who are working on native application development. If you are working with Visual Studio to develop the application for the Windows phone, then you will find that the development platform is quite mature at the same time there will be glimpses of the software being immature. So Visual Studio is Mature and Immature at the same time.

Microsoft has even made it easier for people to work on the Windows platform for mobile and tablets. The tablets now come with a full Windows 10 version, and for phone, Microsoft comes with Universal app solution, which means the developer has to make the app for the just single platform.

Most of the above were for developers, but if you are going to make an app for your organization than you must surely make one, and you can find people offering windows mobile app development services.

Publishing your Windows app

One of the most pain tasks is to get the application onto the store where users can easily download and start using. There is no use of Certificates or Verification as done by iOS and Android. With Apple, you have to get a certificate, and it may take ages to come. With Windows, you can easily upload the application on any app manager which includes MobileIron or AirWatch.

When you want to publish your application, you will also think about the outcome from Microsoft, because Microsoft is currently just having its Windows 10 platform, but no real phone where the developers can test out their programs, or applications. This must be a concern but not exactly one, because as we know Microsoft have made it all the same for every platform. You can use the same application for downloading on your Laptop or PC or work on the tablets.

Currently, there is no such market available for Windows mobile app development, but the time will sure come when Windows development will be quite popular again, and as the tools used by Microsoft are inter compatible, so you must learn the language and keep it for your future references. If you still are looking for any windows app development services than there are many different types of people still working with the old platform and are ready for any leap by Microsoft taken for Windows in the Mobile segment.

Hope you got most of your views cleared about Windows mobile App Development services and you can easily hope for some Windows Applications.

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