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Reduce iCloud Backup Size

Each iPhone user provides 5 GB of free space to back up Apple iPhone or iPad. When you collect data on your device, the total size of iCloud backups can exceed the 5 GB storage limit. iCloud Login When you back up several IOS devices in Icloud, the chances of reaching the 5 GB storage limit are increased.

When the memory limit is reached, you will receive a notification on your device which is full of iCloud memory. At this time, no additional backups can be made in iCloud. Without a recent backup, if your device is missing or broken, you risk losing data.

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Once you reach the iCloud storage limit, there are three basic ways to protect your device:

Backup on your computer with iCloud backup and iTunes

Pay for additional iCloud storage

To reduce the amount of data saved in ICloud, remove some data from the device.

Verify that you are using iCloud backup

If you are not sure that iCloud backup is enabled on your device, open the Settings app, select iCloud, then select Storage and Backup. When the iCloud Backup slider is turned on, your device is protected on iCloud. To prevent your device from backing up to ICloud, place the slider in a closed position. Disabling iCloud backup will not automatically backup the data on your device. To back up your data, you need to connect your device to your computer and back up with iTunes.

In addition, at the top of the window, you can see all the icon storage capacity and available storage space. The last icon, backed up at the bottom of the window, is the date that was backed up.

Optimize iCloud Backup by removing unwanted data

To see what information has been backed up in iCloud, open the Settings app, select iCloud, select Storage and Backup, and then tap Manage Storage. iCloud for Windows At the top of the window, iCloud has a list of all the devices with backups. If you accidentally listed an old device that you do not use anymore, then you can save the memory completely by removing the backup. To delete a backup from the list, tap the name of the device and select Delete backup from the displayed window.

In the backup list, tap the name of the device to change the backup data for the device you are currently using. A screen showing the size of the backup and the last backup date is shown. iCloud Login There is also a list of apps included in the ICloud backup. Apps are sorted by the iCloud storage they use. Apps that use the most iCloud storage location are listed above. However, regardless of size, the camera roll usually comes first in rank. For most users, camera rolls usually require the highest iCloud storage because there are large files in photos and videos.

If you can stop an app from backing up to an iCloud, set the slider to "off" for this application. Then your device asks you to confirm the action if you really want to stop iCloud backup and delete all application data from iCloud.

Removing data from ICloud should not be removed from your device. The data associated with this application will be removed from iCloud. When the slider stops, app data will not be included in future iCloud backups.

View the list of apps and uncheck the slider for those apps that you do not want to include in iCloud backup. iCloud Login Remember that if an app is not backed up and something happens to your device, then you will not be able to recover that data. So make sure you do not have to back up the app before deleting it from iCloud backup.

Save photos to your computer

You can use large amounts of space for the camera roll, but you do not want to close your photos in iCloud. You can copy photos from your device to your computer and then delete some photos from the device. Removing photos from the device reduces the amount of disk space required for Icloud backup.

Additional storage options

If you can not disconnect any of these photos on your device and still want to use Iclod to back up all your data, you can always purchase additional iCloud storage from Apple. To see prices for additional storage plans, open the Settings app, select Icloud, select Storage and Backup, and then tap More Storage Space. You can buy additional storage directly on your device.

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