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What is iCloud?

So far, you've probably heard of "Cloud," "Cloud Computing" or "In the Cloud" and thought, "What's the cloud?" In simple language, the word cloud is used to describe the information that is not stored on your own PC, but on a remote computer or Internet-connected server. iCloud Login The next step on this computer is this: You can display your files, photos, music, etc. anytime, anywhere on the Internet. Without having to connect your device physically and without syncing your computer. Apple has recently launched a cloud computing version called iCload. When this is being confusing for the first time, this article should answer many of your questions. How do you decide that Icloud is right for you and what features you use, this will be your decision - so it should take at least one informed decision. Let's discuss this in two parts: Part 1, this article covers iCloud with all Apple products. Part 2 discusses using iCloud with Windows. Is required One thing to keep in mind the iCloud or cloud-based service: This is a collection of both features on many devices and products. They say, when "Icicle" looks like another program, then it's a system that you have integrated. In order to make it worthwhile, Apple has made a clear demand for software and hardware. Your computer requires the latest operating system (10.7, code-named lion). Now you have installed a lion on every new Mac bought and you can start if you are not sure if your computer can be updated or not, then first read the lion's technical requirements. For more click here. Some portable and software limitations apply to your portable devices, such as iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Icloud works primarily with iOS 5, which is the latest operating system for Apple devices. IPad: The original iPad and iPad 2 are compatible with both iOS 5 and Icould. IPhone: iOS 5 only works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The original iPhone and iPhone 3G will not be able to run the new operating system. IPod Touch: You need a third or fourth generation, so since September 2009, everything else is justified. Note: Some iCloud music features require a CDMA model for the iPhone 4 and also works with iOS version 4.3.3. Features ICloud aims to automatically and securely integrate all your content - music, photos, files, apps and more. Now, when you have a friend and suggests that you download a great song on your iPhone, it will automatically download your iMac in your office, at home, and your iPod Touch in iPod Touch Will do The promise of cloud computing is a cable-less world in which your tasks are seamlessly integrated, safe and secure and available wherever you require it. Most of Apple's apps have been updated to work with Icloud originally, and Apple has provided details to external developers so that they can work with their programs. This is only the time when you do not do Icloud work. There are some key features in ICloud that we divide into categories. music ITunes buys things like songs, albums, apps, TV shows and books that are automatically available on all devices. If you are using Shajam in Cész, then to recognize the good song you heard and after purchasing it in iTunes, it is available for download without purchasing it again on all your devices. Items purchased from iTunes Store are visible on your device during your purchase history, even if you have not purchased it from this device. You can download it again at no extra cost. ITunes has been updated to integrate iTunes, but there is also a new feature called iTunes Match that actually changes things. iCloud Login Your iTunes Music Library is probably imported from a mix of music you bought from iTunes and CDs or just "others". With iTunes Match, you can compare iTunes with more than 20 million iTunes Tracks from your library and save all of your matching songs in your iCLode account. If you have songs that do not match, then you can upload them to iCloud. As an extra bonus, songs are available at 256 Kbps, which are of high quality - even if you have low quality songs. The iTunes match is directly integrated into the latest version of iTunes, but the cost of this service is $ 24.99 per year and is limited to 25,000 titles. ITunes have purchased songs that will not be counted to this extent. Essentially, you can access your music wherever you are with iCode and iTunes matches. Photos You know that when you are in a children's concert or sports festival, and you get a good picture on your phone, which can take you home quickly and on your counter in the cable kitchen supported by you, And ultimately it is called a computer. Connect so that you can import the image? Well, the photo stream, part of iCloud, takes care of it. Now, the photo you take, is automatically displayed by connecting to Wi-Fi on your computer or other device and transferring photos from your iPhone to another device. If you have an Apple TV device, you can share your photos with iCloud on the big screen of your HDTV. Document What is the best for you always present documents, entrepreneurs, professionals, students etc.? Imagine making a presentation outside the city, present in the office, lock it with an owner and go to the airport. During the flight, the client is calling the office and wants to make changes. Your colleagues make changes, and iCloud does the rest. When you return to the ground and turn on, the updated document appears on your iPad. You introduce, you give the land to the customer, encourage it, get a big bonus, buy a new house, run for the president ... well, maybe not everything. iCloud for Windows However, think about saving time (and, we know, time is money) that these changes are saved without repeated repetition. Immediately effective, Apple's iWork applications, such as Pages, Keynotes and Numbers, work basically and you can also use Microsoft Office documents by signing in to your account. Other qualities iCloud also syncs your contacts, calendars, emails (iCloud has an email account you already have), bookmarks, notes and reminders. Therefore, if you meet the college's old friend and get his phone number and address and set the time for lunch next week, then everything is basically synced to your device. Another new feature is Find My Friends - you and your friends can use this new app on their iPhone and can use GPS to determine where you are on the map. Perfect for meeting family or friends for a picnic or dinner. It is also good to monitor the teenagers who swear they are only going to the mall. Keeping this in mind, Find My iPhone Finder now works on your Mac. If your MacBook Pro was stolen, you can easily find it by signing in Believe it or not, there is a summary of these key characteristics - there is a lot more under the surface. The installation of ICloud can be a little hard at first, and you should make sure that all your hardware, software, etc. are ready before switching to iCloud. Echooud promises to make things easier in the future. Maybe the future is already there.

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