Anna Preston

4 Best Moving House Hacks

Moving house – what can we say – we all know it’s stressful and hard work (not to mention expensive) but sometimes it just has to be done. We might be down-sizing or maybe right-sizing or would just like a change of location. But no matter how much we know it is the right thing that doesn’t always help the stress from building. However, with careful planning and these moving house hacks it can be a relatively enjoyable experience.

Photograph the back of your electrical devices – There is nothing more frustrating than arriving tired in your new home and being presented with a box full of cables for your TV, hi-fi, computer, printer etc etc. You thought you would remember which cable went where but the reality is that we rarely do. This is where some forethought and planning comes in useful. Instead of spending hours trying to sort the jumble of cables when you would much rather have your feet up watching your favourite program or browsing the internet simply take a photo of the back of your devices before you disconnect them. I know you could label the leads but it is much simpler to just grab you mobile and take a picture or two.

Pack all essentials together – This advice is always given for those moving home but it really will make your life easier that first night of two in the new house. You will be tired, probably more likely exhausted, by the time the removals van has pulled away so make sure you have packed essentials in one place and taken in your car with you, if possible, If not then label it very clearly or better still use a different coloured box so it will stand out from the regular packing boxes. It should contain bedlinen, toiletries, a change of clothes, pyjamas, important documents (such as passports), non-perishable snacks, kettle, mugs etc.

Make use of Storage – If you have a large house it can be physically impossible for everything to be removed from one house and placed in the new house in one day. So instead of getting stressed about it or paying exorbitant fees for the removers to store things overnight why not plan well ahead and put all non-essentials in short term self storage. There are so many good self storage deals around that the cost will pale into comparison when it comes to minimising the stress of the house move.

Revitalise the carpets in your new home – Unless you are moving to a brand new home the chances are that when the previous owners furniture is removed it will have left indentations in the carpets and you can bet that your furniture will not be the same size and shape so the indentations are most probably going to be visible – how annoying. Well there is a simple hack that can solve this annoying problem and it’s ice cubes, yes really. Place an ice cube on the dents, let it melt, then pull up the carpet fibres with a small spoon or blunt knife.

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