Anna Preston

5 reasons to work as a live-in carer rather than in a care home

As a carer, you may have previously thought that your job prospects mainly revolved around working in a care home as this is often the most well thought of care option for older people. However, becoming a live-in carer is becoming a more popular choice for carers all over the UK and there are many reasons why:

1. Getting to know one client rather than many

One of the biggest benefits of live-in care is that as you are only working with one person you can focus solely on learning about them in order to offer the best care. You can learn the foods they like, medicine they take, allergies, favourite clothes, music and TV shows and you are much more likely to remember it all as you are not trying to remember the same for a care home full of other people. This will make your relationship with the care user better and enable you to offer them the best care and a better life.

2. Building better relationships

If you got in to care to form bonds and really make a difference then live-in care is the option for you. As you spend so much time with the person you are caring for, either one on one or with their family, you are able to build a strong relationship with that person. For an elderly person who may be lonely, this can really transform their lives as well as the lives of their families who will have been taking on the care themselves beforehand.

3. Financial benefits

There are several aspects of being a live-in carer which you will benefit from personally. For example, you won’t have any rent to pay or bills to pay apart from food and what you choose to spend on yourself. Therefore, you will be able to save up most of your wages for the future. You also won’t have any transport costs other than what you use doing your own personal chores, thus saving you more money.

4. Having more time

Many carers working in a residential care home feel as though they do not have enough time to spend really quality time with their residents. With so many residents to take care of in a residential home, carers may find they spend most of their time on the highly important jobs such as medication rounds, personal care and meal times that they feel they are not offering quality companionship because they simply do not have the time. As a live-in carer this isn’t the case and you will have plenty of quality time to spend with your client.

5. Feeling valued

With live in care jobs you will spend so much time with your client and their family that you may end up feeling like part of the clan too. Working in a residential home does not offer the same feeling and you may be left feeling undervalued completely. Job satisfaction is highly important to your own mental health and finding a rewarding job in home care services you’ll love and feel appreciated in cannot be undervalued.

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