Anna Preston

5 Ways You Should Be Using Self Storage For Your Food Truck Business

Find out 5 useful and innovative ways your food truck business will benefit from cheap local self storage.

All businesses need extra storage, especially businesses which have a small amount of space which they work within everyday. Food trucks certainly fall within this category.

The amount of people running food trucks in the UK has soared over the last few years as everyone has become a foodie. We all love going and eating in the latest restaurants and sampling street food from street trucks.

If you work in food service and run your very own trendy food truck, you will know there is much more to the business than the truck and a few ingredients. You need pots, pans, certain tools for special jobs, marketing equipment, tables and chairs for extending the truck space - the list is almost endless.

The problem is, these items can take over your cooking and working space in the truck if you're not careful. The answer? Cheap self storage. Here's how local self storage can provide you with the extra space you need to run your food truck efficiently:

1. Storing Large Items

Large marketing boards, tables, chairs - you might only need them at large events like weddings and festivals, but not for your daily spot in town. Self storage affords you the room and security to store these items for use when you need them.

2. Storing Seasonal Items

Large seasonal props, serving items and marketing only has a place in your truck at specific times during the year. Self storage enables you to store these items so when it is time to get festive, spooky or loved up you can whip the gear out without it cluttering up your truck, or without having to buy it all again.

3. Buying In Bulk

Non-fresh food items are cheaper bought in bulk, but if you have nowhere to store them, you can't buy these bulk deals and have to pay more for smaller orders. There are also lots of great deals to be had buying food and other items on offer. Self storage enables you to have that space to buy items in bulk or on offer, saving you money in the long run.

4. Storing During Off-Season

If you have a season where you do not operate your truck, you can actually store it in a self storage unit during those months. This will ensure this expensive investment is kept safe, and in good condition in a dry and climate controlled self storage unit.

5. Having A Base For Preparation

Obviously you cannot prepare food in a self storage unit. What you can do though is organise all of your new equipment and stock, take stock counts, prepare new marketing and have a completely organised business setup that isn't clogging up your garage (more info here).

Operating a food truck is a fantastic investment, and you can get even more out of it by utilising a cheap self storage unit for the sake of organisation, stock purchasing, seasonal item storage, and much much more. With such a minimal working space, an extra stationary storage space can only be useful, especially one that is reasonably priced and which doesn't come with a lengthy contract. Why not look into investing in a local self storage space today?

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