Anna Preston

Home Improvement Projects For When You Have Time To Spare

Find out how to prioritise your home improvement projects to productively accommodate some extra spare time on your hands.

Sometimes we can find ourselves struggling for spare time to get home improvement projects done. Really busy lives and careers can mean that certain things have to wait until we have the time to get them done.

If you have found yourself with some spare time on your hands unexpectedly, you might wonder which home improvement projects to prioritise first. It can be hard to know what to do with this amazing gift of time that you wouldn’t usually have.

To help you decide which DIY projects to start with during this time we’ve got some handy tips to help you get started;

The Big Clean

Cleaning should be a regular improvement to the home that you make. But how often do you do the big, BIG clean. That means getting into the back of the cupboard, clearing out the cheap self storage unit, cleaning out the shed, and generally getting your home as pristine as possible from the inside out.

This is a really good home improvement project to do when you have time on your hands because it means that you get instant gratifying results. Maybe you can then use more spare time to sell some items you don’t need and make some cash too.

Repurpose A Room

Repurposing an entire home is definitely not something to start doing unless you know you’ve got months of time. In reality, if you’re faced with a few weeks of free time you didn’t know that you had, or even a weekend then a really good project is repurposing one room.

Repurposing one room into a nursery, or spare room for visitors, is so exciting if you have free reign over the decorating aspect of the space. If you aren’t sure how much time you have, why not clear your things into a cheap self storage unit (click here) which means you can get going right away on the fun bit, the decorating.

Trying Out A New Skill

If you have spare time it can feel a little bit rubbish to spend it doing all the horrible DIY jobs you have been putting off. It is good to get them done, but it is also a great idea to get some level of enjoyment out of how you use this time.

A really good combination of both home improvement and enjoyment is trying out a new skill or learning a new skill. Have you always fancied learning tie-dye? Why not tie-dye those old sheets and turn them into cute festival style cushions for the garden? Have you been meaning to brighten up the garden for a while? Why not try your hand at upcycling those old pallets at the bottom of the garden into a new table for the patio? There are endless projects to try that include a bit of fun for yourself and your family so that DIY doesn’t feel so dull.

Making The Most Of What You’ve Got

An incredibly rewarding home improvement job to do when you find yourself with spare time is making your home an even more valued space for yourself and your family. That could include growing some plants and clearing a space in the garden to make a veggie patch.

It could mean that you change the way that you use the living room, perhaps adding space for learning or office work that would help the family dynamic when it comes to homework or work. Maybe you convert the spare room so grandma is able to stay more often. These improvements really do make the most of the home that you have now so if you’ve got some ideas, this could be a good time to put them into action.

The tips above are designed to help you get some inspiration as to how you can best use the free time you have for home improvements. Obviously, if you are keen to get something important done like fixing the roof, or re-tiling the bathroom, then a really good use of time is doing those things.

However, if you just don’t have the energy, or you want to enjoy your time as well as making it productive, then do try and combine fun activities with house improvement and hopefully you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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