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Would You Like To Get Free Stuff To Help You Move House?

Moving house is expensive, so you’ll love these tips on getting lots of things for free during this costly time. Moving house is very expensive so anything that saves money during the process is welcome. To help you save money during your house move we’ve got some great tips as to how you can score some free stuff. Here’s how:

Free Packing Materials

You can get so many free packing materials that you really do not need to buy anything for the job. Most people have something that you could use or borrow. Ask family and friends if they have any sturdy boxes and packing materials spare that you can utilise. You can also get plenty of strong boxes from supermarkets, greengrocers and warehouses that they would otherwise have to pay to get recycled. Online Tools and Apps

There are so many free online tools and apps online that you can utilise to make your move easier. There are various planning tools and project management tools that you can download. Using apps and tools will make the process of moving easier so it is a great idea to avoid being tempted to pay for any special software or applications because there will be something free that you can use that is just as effective. Free Quotes

Try not to be tempted to pay for quotations and information that you should really be able to get for free. You should be able to visit a cheap self storage facility for free, and get a quotation for free. You should be able to get various other estimates for free. If a company wants you to pay for estimates, don’t agree. Instead look for free estimates and quotations, for example from If any service usually does charge for a quote across the board then you can reassess your approach at a later date. Favours

People, businesses, and friends will all have three favours they are willing to offer you in return for a favour that you can give back in the future. Maybe have some skills they can utilise? Maybe you could offer your time or your manpower?

Maybe you have a van they can borrow for their house move in future? Don’t be afraid to pull in favours as and where they are available. You can only ask right? Special Offers

As a family moving house you are of interest to a wide range of companies and so your needs are targeted by various services.

Do look out for special offers as a new customer in any service that you look at as a mover. That could be signing up for a moving van special offer, or a trial period at a cheap self storage unit.

Do you shop around and see if there are introductory offers that you can take advantage of. Cutting Back On Luxuries

Often we can make assumptions about things that we need to do or use or pay for during a house move without really considering whether or not they are things that we really need.

For example; have you assumed that you need to pay for somebody else to pack your items and ship them to your new location? Do you have the time and energy to do this yourself? If you do you could literally save yourself £100.

How about saving on a moving van and just taking a few trips to the cheap self storage unit you’ve booked?

Again this will take a bit more time and petrol, but could it be cheaper than hiring a van? It’s worth thinking about these assumed luxuries and cutting back when you can. Sometimes you can literally save hundreds of pounds. The tips above can help you to take advantage of free services and offers when you are moving house. This can really help with the whole process, which let’s face it is pretty expensive. Saving a few pounds or even a few thousand pounds is a really great achievement. You can then use that money to perhaps decorate your new home or gift yourself a spa day to get over the stress of the entire process at the end.

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