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Does Apple Music Worth The Hype In India?

Without a doubt one of the most well-rounded music streaming service available to us. Apple Music is known for its UI and non complicated user experience. The reason behind that, is its weekly music suggestions, user interface, and an encyclopedic library. The iPhone app development companies in India invested a lot of time in hosting such libraries and playlists that promote sounds of India within the app.

What makes Apple music stand out, is its extensive music library of 45 million songs, on top of that, the app has the collection of multiple languages, genres, and sensibilities. From the most mainstream to the most underrated artists and their songs, Apple Music has all of them.

As far as the Indian market is concerned, there is an extensive amount of music streaming services. For instance, Jio Saavn, Gaana, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and most recently, Spotify has joined the race as well. Since Apple is quite famous in India, hence the iPhone users are literally uncountable at this point. Therefore it is quite obvious that Apple Music might be the first priority for most of the users in India. As a matter of fact, according to a report by Deloitte, by the year 2020, in India alone, the music streaming services will have 273 million subscribers.

If we talk about discovering new music, then it would be wrong for us not to say that Apple is leading the way. If we take up all the music streaming app altogether, we can easily notice a difference in albums and playlist suggestion, whereas the other apps lack this feature.

The music browsing section is also the most radical. By that we mean the dedicated sections like Indian Independent, Indian Classical, Jazz, and Alternative which most others lack. If we keep that aside for a moment, the app’s strong recommendation algorithm makes it very easy to discover new music.

With especially curated spotlight playlists, radio stations broadcasting 24/7 and behind the scenes photos Apple Music becomes more rigid and amazing. Playlist and artist recommendations are tailored every day just to make the user experience interesting. With that being said, it is simply hands down the most feature-rich music streaming service in India and in fact in the world right now.

Apple Connect is a social network section of Apple Music, with that, you can follow your favorite artists, bands and music producers. Once done, you’ll be left with a custom feed where you can see what they’ve been sharing or about to share.

Apple Music is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. At the moment it and can also be accessed via iTunes Windows and Mac on computers. Other than that, one must know that the desktop version does not allow you to download songs for offline purposes.

If you are using the app, then you must have come across some of the new features that it is offering right now. With this update, the app lets you see new releases, top charts, tropical playlists, hot new bands and recommended music videos are also added in the arsenal.

Now let’s just keep all the pros aside, it’s time for us talk about the cons that Apple Music has. The UI is quite a bit similar to iTunes, and it received so much criticism regarding no usage of gloss. In addition to that, the Android app is still suffering from major playback issues within the app. For that reason itself, mobile app development companies are working to on resolving this issue.

As compared to its US price, the premium version is quite an expensive deal to crack in India. The premium version is priced at Rs. 120/month. However, the family plan that grants full-fletched access up to 6 people is a deal that most of us can’t refuse since it is priced at Rs. 190/month. Additionally, Apple also offers a special price for students at justRs. 60/month.

In conclusion, it is right to say that Apple Music is the way to go if you are a frequent podcast listener or a music enthusiast. With that being said, as far as other music streaming apps are concerned it is the most well-rounded streaming service among them. The reason behind that is its solid and robust music library content and on top of that, its recommendations are the most accurate. 24/7 radio gives the app bonus points as well.

Final Thoughts

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