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Flutter - A Great Choice for Mobile App Startups

In the current market scenario, mobile apps offer superior customization and operational efficiency along with the ease of use, offering a higher value to contemporary businesses. With an increasing number of businesses planning to go this route, Flutter app development can prove to be a blessing.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source mobile app SDK, based on Google programming language ‘Dart’, that allows developers to build beautiful native apps both on iOS and Android using a single codebase.

Developed by Google, Flutter was launched in 2017 and is since witnessing a rising growth rate. It has already been adopted by many startups and established players like Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, Tencent and more.

Source: Appinventiv

Let’s analyze what is so special about Flutter.

Why Mobile App Startups Should Choose Flutter?

Flutter combines the best of the Google ideas and technologies and is becoming a popular choice of the top app development firms. Some of the benefits that mobile app startups can accrue through Flutter association are as follows:

1. Flutter is a powerful cross-platform development tool- Flutter is popular as ‘code-once-run-everywhere’ UI framework that creates a high performance ‘native experience’. Flutter offers hardware accelerated graphics and UI powered by native ARM code, targeting both the iOS and Android platforms resulting in low development efforts and faster time to market.

2. Flutter offers a powerful design experience- This tool combines the best of Skia graphics library and Material Design promising a powerful and responsive UI experience. Flutter comes with customized power packed widgets for both iOS and Android to replicate the feel of the native apps. Offering access to an extensive widget catalog, Flutter also lets you build widget sets to provide users with a smooth, crisp experience.

3. Flutter significantly reduces the app development time -The popular hot reload feature of the app bridges the gap between developers and designers. The feature allows the developers to see the impact of the change in code happening in real time thereby making the process of minute changes easy and quick and eradicating the need to recompile. This enhances the developers’ productivity manifold.

4. Flutter offers numerous open source packages and has an extensive community: Flutter offers a package for almost anything from opening images to making HTTP requests, implementing Firebase, accessing sensors, sharing content and so on. Equipped with several packages and plugins and with a support-community of over 1000 developers, Flutter makes the app development process swift and easy.

5. Flutter offers the possibility to use Firebase as the backend: The integration of Flutter with Firebase removes the need for the Startups to invest time or resources towards the costly backend development. Firebase, with its support for cloud storage, real-time databases, cloud functions and more can make the infrastructure serverless, redundant and scalable.

6. Flutter will be used by Fuchsia- the new Google OS: The future of Fuchsia looks bright especially when market research expects Fuchsia to be the base for virtual and augmented reality. Fuchsia is expected to bring together the two popular OS platforms- iOS and Android- in the IoT world. As Fuchsia will be based on Flutter, the mobile app SDK is likely to become more significant in near future.


Flutter is an open source robust mobile app framework developed by Google. For any mobile app startup preparing to craft a customized app that can offer a powerful UI experience to both iOS and Android users at a low development cost, Flutter is the way forward. It’s hot reload feature, integration with Firebase, imitation of native experience and a huge support-community has made it a top choice for app developers in the current app development landscape.

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