Aqsa Malik

Teach Your Young To Manage Money While Saving For Them

Teaching the younger generation to manage money isn’t a very easy process, especially owing to the fact that they’re not yet experienced in life. They didn’t suffer any pain to get the cash and funds they’re spending, so they are not literately in the best position to make the best decisions.

It is the sole process of the parents to teach the upcoming and younger generation money saving, but not everyone is experienced in that and so a service like Go Henry is very essential. Developing good saving abilities are a life-long skills that are essential, even when they wards are now independent and made to face their own lives. It is very essential in helping people manage their businesses, careers, families and whole lives well. Money isn’t so easy to make, and so should never be messed up with.

No one has ever become richer by wasting, and no one has ever saved by throwing away. These make it very essential that we use all available means to learn what we that should last on the long run. A service like Go Henry is at our reach now to make these training processes less cumbersome.

The service helps the younger generation with prepaid credit cards, and also a mobile phone application. The aim is to provide a platform on which they will make plans and keep proper tracks of their spending habits. The service also makes provisions that help the parents control their wards’ spending habits, while teaching them effortlessly the best ways to save their pocket allowances.

What Is This Go Henry And How Does It Really Work?

I know this is probably the first question to pop into your mind. What is Go Henry? How actually does it work? How essential is it? Go Henry is a great innovation that lets parents and guardians prepare prepaid accounts for their wards, ages 9-18. With this services, you can set rules for their spending, award bonuses for house chores and services, set weekly spending services and do so many other things.

It is a new generation innovation of pocket allowances, and crowns the whole process by making available, smart phone applications, which are the best way to reach the best audience nowadays.

The parents and guardians create their own accounts and then create sub-accounts for their wards. Funds and money are transferred through bank transfer or by already placed orders by the guardians and parents. You can set the dates on which they will be credited. There are also provisions for off payments as the case may be.

The whole processes are tracked with the use of mobile applications, and the wards know the next time their next pocket allowances will be due, making them spend more wisely. Also, with the presence of points and bonuses, the wards can be lured into doing home chores which they ordinarily wouldn’t have done. Everyone loves rewards of course, and even more when they’re financial.

The children will have no access to their parents’ accounts, so they are limited to spending only what they have got in theirs.

Another great stuff about this is that the parents have the abilities to block their wards from patronizing certain shops, if they feel like he or she shouldn’t spend their money in the shops.

This is really a great innovation, and comes free within the first two months. A free credit card which can be used in all shops comes with it, making it a really great 21st century invention.

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