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Zangi vs Line | Detailed comparison as of 2018 | Infographic

There are dozens of messaging apps out there but when it comes to choosing the best or the most secure messaging app, we don’t know which one to download. Let’s examine two messaging apps both from the security and data usage standpoint: Zangi vs Line.

Safety vs Security

Nowadays, if we decide to download a messenger one of the most important factors we pay attention to is our communication privacy. We want to make sure our private information and communication history is not accessible to anyone else.

Both Zangi and Line messages are encrypted. But there is one important difference between these two: Line stores all your data on their servers in Japan and it’s controlled under Japanese law.

Zangi Safe Messaging app doesn’t store any of your messages on any servers. Thus, your messages can’t be shared, tracked, and only you have access to them. Zangi is the only safe messaging app out there.


Almost all app developers and designers choose to implement easy-to-use features and a user-friendly interface with attractive colors. You don’t want your users to spend hours trying to figure out how to send a message or download a sticker package from your app; your messaging app must be simple and user-friendly. If we compare Zangi vs Line, Zangi messaging app has a simpler and more user-friendly interface.

Data Usage

Zangi uses its own Streaming Control Protocol (SCP) innovation developed; thanks to this Zangi is the winner in low data consumption. The protocol reduces the bandwidth consumption and provides good audio quality. Let’s compare the average data usage per one voice call minute: Zangi vs Line.


We all want free things, but Line has decided to charge money for some of their sticker packages. Zangi original stickers are free to download and use.

File Sharing

You can send any type of files via Zangi (ZIP and media files, documents, your location and contacts), which is not the case for Line.

Rating on Google Play

If you want to learn about one or another app before downloading it, just check their rating on the App Store or Google Play. Hundreds of users can’t be wrong because they have used the app and left their reviews.

We all have different preferences and we choose which messaging app to use based on our needs. Only because Zangi safe messaging app is not as popular as Line, it doesn’t mean it is not better. If you value your communication privacy, you should switch to Zangi.

What is your experience with these two apps? Share your opinion and specify why you prefer this or that messaging app out of so many options.

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