Aria Akachi

Moonstone : The Untold Secrets Behind Its Healing Power

Whether you believe in magic or not, one thing's for sure - there's something about the moonstone that makes us want to believe in its magical powers. It's been a source of fascination for genies below, philosophers above and even from astronauts journeyed into space.

Our connection to the moon goes beyond time, yet it is constant and ever-evolving - The Brilliant Earth has hand-selected only the finest natural white Zirconia stones for their Moonstone Collection, which possesses an enchanting brilliance that sparkles like your favorite stone under the moonlight.

Moonstone, the stone of attunement and intuition, is known to help unleash the magic of the moon. It aids in finding balance in the most dire of times, therefore making it ideal for even crisis situations.

It gives a balanced flow of energy and corresponds to the cycles of the moon, which means it can give you a boost during your waning periods. You may experience soothing, healing, and protective effects by wearing moonstone jewelry.

Moonstone is a gemstone that comes in many colors. It is semi-opaque and translucent with a milky cast. Its color ranges from white, gray, brown, yellow, blue, and green.

Untold Secrets of Moonstone Gemstone

1. One of the most common moonstone facts is that they are known for their ability to soothe nerves and calm the spirit. This makes them a very common choice when it comes to calming pregnant women, or people suffering from PMS. When insomnia strikes, many people find relief from a moonstone pendant or earrings on their nightstand.

2. These proposed properties of the moonstone can be seen throughout history and across different cultures. Moonstones are called different names based on their color, which also ties back to these purported effects. The following purported healing properties of the moonstone include:

Calming fears about the unknown

Balancing emotional states

Inspiring passion, creativity, and direction in one's life

Opening a person's intuition

Relaxing a person's mind and body

Enhancing acceptance of what is

Supporting wisdom and knowledge to make decisions

Increasing confidence and the willingness to take action

3. Moonstone has been used as a tool since ancient times for predicting the future. Moonstone is a beautiful opaque stone streaked with layers of white, grey, black, and blue. It is known to change color based on the lighting and the angles from which it is viewed. This color-shifting quality of the stone has led to its beliefs in ancient cultures that the moonstone was a gift from the gods in order to predict the future.

4. Moonstone is reported to have a large number of magical and mystical powers. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is utilized to relieve stress. Ayurvedic medicine is primarily practiced in India, with many practitioners also within the United States. It is the oldest form of medicine in the world. Crystal healing methods are based on the curative or treatment properties believed to be contained in stones.

5. One of the most interesting of moonstone facts having to do with appearance is the gem's adolescence qualities. This effect makes moonstone sometimes appear to be more violet, blue, or green depending on the catch light in which it is viewed.

6. Moonstone is a gemstone that is believed to have metaphysical qualities. It is said to be a stone of intuition, protection, and dreams. Moon Squared Hue is the term used for the color of moonstones when they are in their natural form.

The moonstone is a crystal that is said to enhance intuition. From aiding in medicine to representing one of the greatest feats the U.S. has ever known, it offers you a great deal of intrigue and perhaps even health benefits.

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