Top Instagram updates and how they are working

Instagram has been continuously evolving, and businesses are eagerly wanting to know how will it work in 2019-2020. However, it seemed that with every update, Instagram makes it harder to reach the target audience, get followers, or improve the engagement.

Fortunately, when you understand how the Instagram algorithm works, it becomes easier to build a winning Instagram strategy to grow the account.

If you are the one who wants to know the new updates to beef up the marketing campaigns and to get the measurable and lasting results - then you have landed on the right page!!

Instagram Algorithm in 2019:

One thing for sure, that users may not get the exposure they used to have. It has been said that only ten percent of your followers can see your post on their feeds. It is disgusting for the businesses and creators alike, whose earning depends on their followers - regularly seeing their content.

Marketers who were primarily focusing on some shortcuts and not executing a marketing strategy may have to face issues - In case, start-ups that prefer to buy Instagram likes UK to get a quick boost, may not be able to get the lasting result. They must work on some engagement practices to foster the growth of their Instagram handle.

Now IGTV supports horizontal video:

On the very recent update of Instagram, the horizontal video has become available on IGTV. Previously, it was not possible, and viewers used to rely on vertical video that takes up the entire screen of your device. It does not seem a massive change yet a great feature to have. Landscape view often gives a better viewing quality than vertical viewing.

Branded content ads:

Instagram influencers have a significant impact on marketing the content; therefore, Instagram always makes sure to bring more convenience in the form of updated features. Recently, Instagram has created branded content ads, meaning businesses are now allowed to run ad campaigns from a partnered influencer that assists them to reach a new audience in altogether new ways.

This is an excellent feature since it allows brands to control the whole ad campaign from an influencer. Now brands can manage the ad expense, targeting, and other crucial factors that can impact directly to the success of the campaign. It takes times and effort to be an influencer; however, some people buy Instagram follower UK to get an instant boost to their following. It does create authenticity and originality about the Instagram handle, but you must create some flawless strategies to compete in Instagram for the long run.

Instagram prioritize posts with higher engagement:

Instagram deeply evaluates your relationship with followers, the posts where people message or are tagged more, may start appearing on the top of their feed. Instagram observes the signal, and Instagram considers it into your friend and family category.

Commenting on other profiles and giving a normal response to your DMs and comment can help you to increase the exposure. The engagement can be measured in terms of likes, comments, and views. Therefore, companies are more inclined to purchasing followers, IGTV views, or likes to thrive online.

Instagram Countdown Timer

An Instagram countdown timer is another great feature to create hype in anything you want. It is an excellent marketing feature to inspire action in an individual.

The audience can subscribe to the countdown timer and will receive the reminder in the notification once the countdown is complete. There are three most useful ways to use the countdown timer:

• Announcing an event

• Reminding the audience to sign up

• Creating hype for a limited time offer that is about to expire.

Post to multiple accounts:

Have you ever spend hours editing a good picture and writing an engaging and well-written caption and tagging many people and ending up realizing that you are doing it from a wrong account. Well, it happens when you have multiple accounts, but now the problem has been resolved as Instagram has rolled out a new feature where you can publish the post from various accounts. It is a time-saving update because people don’t have to recreate the wheel and it is more useful if you want to share a promotional image or post from several accounts.

Close friends:

People who love you always like to be admired or encouraged, and now you can do so by a new Instagram feature, namely “ close friends,” where you reward the most engaged follower. You create a list of close friends and start sending secret stories with them. You can use this for business purposes as well, where you can create a list of your prospects or past customer to send them exclusive offers or sneak peek or any insider information you want them to know.

You can filter Your DMs

Instagram DMs filtering feature will come in handy if you use tons of messages. You can conveniently filter the DM to organize or respond to them systematically. It is another excellent feature that is being admired by the influencers and small businesses alike.

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