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7 Reasons Why Green Tea Should Be Included In Daily Routine!

Having flawless skin is not only a matter of DNA. The type of life which you are living is also a reason for the type of skin you are having now. So, if you want to have glowing and flawless skin, then the diet which you are taking is must to be improved. Well, there are many articles that can be included in day-to-day life to maintain the balance, but one thing that is sure to be included is green Tea extracts. You can take green tea in the morning or at any time in the whole day or you can use these extracts in your face mask for the blemish-free skin.

Many of you must have used or are using green tea already. But, apart from helping in weight loss, this wonderful element has many other benefits. Firstly, for those who have no idea for what green tea is used, here is some basic information about it. So, scroll and clear all your doubts about this gem.

What is Green Tea?

It is basically a type of tea that is produced from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds. It is mainly an origin of Chine but due to its amazing benefits, it is now widespread across Asia. Green tea is available in different type categorized according to the type of production, flavor, harvesting condition, and harvesting time. Many kinds of research have proved that consuming this tea on a regular basis promotes health.

Why green tea should be included in the daily routine?

The brewed unsweetened green tea has zero calories which is good news for those who are at one distance from calorie consumption. It is also packed with bioactive compounds that are proven beneficial for numerous health benefits. It regulates the body weight and enhances the metabolism of the body to fight with the uneven pathways.

Benefits of green tea:

Green tea has been synonyms to a healthy body and mind from many years as the scientists have started digging deep about it. Here, a compiled search is listed below giving you the benefits of green tea.

(1.) Reduce Cancer Risk

Packed with several anticancer properties, consuming green tea regularly can lower the risk of cancer making the system immune. From the lungs, cancer to the skin to breast to the liver to the pancreas and many other cancers can be cured by consuming green tea.

(2.) Promote healthy heart

By consuming green tea, the level of bad cholesterol is regulated which is the main reason for several heart diseases. Green tea capsules are also available in the markets that are included in the prescriptions. It increases the antioxidant capacity in the blood which also protects the heart from reactive oxygen.

(3.) Keep the sugar level in control

In the case of diabetic people, green tea metabolizes the sugar level and regulates the glucose level cutting the risk of diabetes. It breaks down the simple sugar, so the bloodstreams can easily absorb it, and hence it reduces the risk of diabetes.

(4.) Helps in weight loss

Green tea is widely popular for its wonderful results in weight loss. It helps in fat burning and fat mobilization from the fatty cells lowering the amount of fat in the body, hence controlling the weight.

(5.) It also boosts immunity

Green tea is packed with many antioxidants and immunizing elements which when mix with blood, immune the body functioning and also the mental health.

(6.) Prevents tooth decay

Green tea has been a boon for oral health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that control the growth of bacteria hence preventing the infection to cause tooth decay. It also limits the bacterial plaque to affect the tooth enamel.

(7.) Also treats depression

Consuming at least 3 cups of green tea in a day helps to keep the mind and body active. It also releases some chemicals that fight with depression symptoms. It works somewhat similar to the antidepressants which help in relieving stress and anxiety.

All these benefits of green tea must have amazed you. Now, if you have made your mind up to add green tea in your daily routine, then do not worry about its side effects as the best thing about natural products is that they do not have severe ill effects. So, go natural and have a healthy living life.

If you are looking for such natural substitutes, then Aromaaz International is here to help you out. From essential oils to floral oils, they have it all. They have also collaborated with natural oil manufacturers and suppliers that will deliver your product at your doorstep.

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